Saturday, November 6, 2010

Being still

"Sit still, turn off your 'on' switch, relax your body & mind.
You will find balance & your blessings will come to you.
" ~ me :-)

When I got home Friday evening ready to do a dull, cold, cloudy, windy weekend, I had my first surprise. My own personal random act of kindness from a dear friend. Touches of autumn from her vacation, along with a reminder of peace & balance. So on time. Ironic thing is we had earlier spoken about my love for ying/yang. Then this came in the mail. Karma personified. I was overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness. Blessings ~ "Amani." :-)

Until I get 2 more nickles to rub together, I ran outta phone minutes on my 'cheap but works' cell. With my latest obsession with text, I was paying the sum of a monthly phone bill. Turned the phone off, thew it in the bottom of my purse, there's nothing I can do B4 payday, etc. Whatever.

I went out to get the mail from the mailman & what's the tiny little box? My new 'big girl cell' that I had only ordered less that 48 hrs. ago but wasn't to come for "3-5 bizness days." It's such a cool purple thing that slides w/a keyboard, a gazillion buttons, AND a camera (love). The screen had a big sticker that said "don't text & drive - it can wait....." Amazing God winks and blessings handed right to me!

Son turned 23 on Friday. It sounds so funny to say that; he has turned into such a handsome, good-hearted young man. I'm very proud of him. He started Varsity basketball practice the day before. So mature out there in his size 13's.... Not one for fanfare/attention, we keep everything on the D.L. He requested coney dogs/fries for dinner & D bought a small lemon cake & decorated
with 'spray icing.' Yes, I did spray some in my mouth...


1. noun, [ley-dee]noun, plural -dies, adjective,
–noun 1. a woman a woman who is refined,
polite, and well-spokenell-spoken.

This is my mother's Godmother who recently turned 100 yrs. & was featured in the local paper. Can you imagine the changes she has seen? We've been BFF's since I was 7/8. She & her husband use to come to our house to play cards w/the parents. I kinda adopted her as my grandmother (Grandmother Dee). Always been impressed w/her super elegance - a lady @ all times, even when whopping ass in bid-wiss (LOL!). She still speaks in her deep, husky, whispery voice and has her big smile. Even still today, no matter how long it takes her, or what time she rises, she always puts on stockings & a 'low heel' (pumps). We're in love :-)

And finally, I found this treasure @ the Saturday library book sale for only $.25. I really need to layoff the books until I can read them & pass 'em on, but a huge hardback of inspiration? For a quarter? . So many books, so little....., etc. It would be sweet to have a room w/ceiling to floor built in b.shelves where you need the ladder to slide along the shelves. With these 2 great blessings in a row, who knows what will happen next?!? (LOL :-)

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  1. Thank you for sharing these blessings. I'm with you on the home library! :)



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