Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kindness is a virtue

after i got back from the store ready to start dinner, i forgot aluminum foil (damn!!), so i decided to walk around to the $$ store instead of driving.

when i turned off my street & checked for cars, down the block I saw an elderly person that looked like they had all they owned in a cart. i walked & kept looking back - then it hit me. Random act of kindness. i didn't have much $$ & still needed to get my foil, so i thought if i saw this person on my way back, i would approach them.

by the time I was headed back, the person who turned out to be a lady w/glasses - very prim & pulled together w/a pastel scarf tied under her neck. Kinda like a teacher you had back in the day that scared the shit out of you (LOL!). She had an oxygen tank in a cart & bunches of bags. As I came her way, she crossed the street, so I crossed back.

I held out my hand w/the rest of the $$ & said I'd like to give you this. She jumped back & said 'why!???!' I said because I want to - God bless you. First she looked @ me like she was totally insulted & I felt awkward & stoo-pid!! Then she kinda smiled & held out her hand, thanking me. Some $$ dropped & while I was getting it saying be careful you don't lose any, she said:

'I'm hungry; I'm gonna put it in my pocket.'

Die. I then noticed that we were still standing in the middle of a damn busy street, & cars were going around us. I walked the longer way home & was filled w/something like electric. The whole experience blew me away. Had I driven, the whole moment would've never happened.

And while lookin' around, I loved this sign for this moment, but the story behind it is even more powerful.


  1. I love this post! Such a nice deed! ; )

  2. thanks, Lisa! It was a magical feeling! I truly hope she bought herself something good to eat!!! :-)



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