Thursday, November 11, 2010

At loss

my feelings are fighting
each one wanting to take their turn
they go from incredible sadness
to indescribable anger
i don't know what happened
or when it happened
but all i know is that you are gone
and so is your smile, your laughter,
your jokes, your warped humor
that I got
out of 40 hours a week, we laughed
for 35 of them
we charmed each other, hugged each other,
shared secrets w/each other
flirted w/each other, cooked for each other
you were a gentleman, a poet, & even though
your feared bugs, you would never harm them
we always said if the other one left
then the other one would leave
well you left, and I can't leave
but i'm glad we had a chance to laugh
for what would be the last time
before the onset of this
emotional friction.
In memory of Patrick Martin.
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "friction"
Image: descendoarts


  1. Holding your hands from afar and sending you lots of positive vibes. Very touching tribute. one love, my friend. (Happy World Kindness Day)

  2. I'm thinking of you dear friend. I've been where you are. I feel your pain. I'm here if you need me.




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