Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Winter: we are wet, new, fresh, sweet, helpless, hungry and curious

Spring: we are strong, fearless, young, limber, virile, self-absorbed, 'allegedly' full of knowledge (LOL!), confidence & entitlement

Summer: we are mature, sure of ourselves, independent, stable, comfortable in our skins, our careers & our relationships, our values & our morals

Fall: we are older, fearful, anxious, sad, lonesome, sick & for those who allow themselves, joyful

These are the seasons of our lives that begin from the day we arrive on the planet. These seasons are the "dashes" between the dates of our births & our deaths. Let's cherish each day for the gifts that they are :-)

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky ~ Buddha

Carry On Tuesday word prompt: "from the day we arrive on the planet".

Pictures by: me :-) Be amazed at how beautiful it is when you allow yourself to look up!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"keep saying it will be ok..."

So that
the cracks don't seem like canyons
the inclines don't seem like mountains
I can believe there is more road
on the other side of the hill
I won't think I'm leaning to the left
a down-pointing arrow & an up-pointing arrow, won't seem like
an unwanted roller coaster ride
my car won't seem like my enemy, refusing to let me believe
I am safe inside
my hands won't shake
my brow won't sweat
my breath that I hold so tight
won't seem like my last
my throat won't seem like the eye of a needle
that can't swallow food

... here's to the antidotes that keep my panic bay! (LOL!)

Sunday Scribbling prompt: "antidote"
Pictures by: me :-) & 'uulyrics.' so proud of my 'Polaroid' shot. Can't wait to play around with that.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Agradecido for la gracia (thankful for the grace....)

As we prepare to sit with our families
friends & loved ones, in rooms filled with
love, joy, & happiness
bowing our heads & joining hands to speak of thanks
for all of our many blessings

please do not forgot those who are lost,
lonely, alone, hungry, cold, thirsty,
unclothed, sick, weak, infirmed,
and weary. Those who may not have a
seat at a welcoming table

On this gloomy, windy day before I can think of
anything for myself
I pray for companionship, company, food,
warmth, drink, clothes, good health & strength
for those who are without


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! May God Bless & keep ya, always!! :-)

pictures by me & sharefaith.com

Carry On Tuesday word prompt: "a gloomy windy day"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes....

... when God wakes you each morning & reminds you to bloom, no matter where you are

Sunday Scribbling word prompt: what a difference a day makes
Photo by: m
e :-)

Book Soup

A Woman's Walk with God lies in the Secrets of The Vine.
She will believe in the Simple Things,
gain Wisdom in the Waiting,
& Discover Inner Peace by indulging in
that One Simple Act,
so that she may
Have a Great Day ~ Every Day!

Spent some time @ the library today. All reason went outta my head in the Inspirational section, as you can see. I'm sure I'll never be able to read all of them, but just hunkering down w/a blank tablet & pen & browsing thru 'em felt like a warm hug. Plus they're so pretty to look at. One Simple Act encourages me to keep the Random Acts of Kindness alive.

photos: book soup & horsepigcow

Forever young

I allow myself to;
  • sweep & mop the kitchen floor so I can endlessly play with my dollar store jacks
  • write in my "Hello Kitty" dollar store journal - complete w/a lock & key
  • indulge in a big bowl of Captain Crunch
  • while watching marathons of The Flintstones, Munsters & Addams Family
  • stop & complete any random hopscotch a child has drawn w/side walk chalk
  • never step on a crack - don't wanna break my mama's back (LOL!)
  • challenge my son to a game of HORSE @ the basketball courts
  • belt out the verses to the hand-game "Miss Mary Mack-Mack-Mack...."
  • stand behind the fence @ home plate & itch to get out on the soft ball field
  • get down really close to watch ants, spiders & catepillers go about their lives
  • make funny shapes out of the billions of bubbles while taking a bubble bath
  • laugh, deeply & heartily, a lot
  • try my hand with PlayDough. It's come a long way...
  • discover new things & places w/the wonderment of a child
  • spend time throwing rocks into the pond
  • racing my son to the car because...
  • .... whoever's last is a rotten egg
  • watch old episodes of "the Mummy" , "Dracula & "the Werewolf" w/ the covers bunched up around my eyes
  • ride my bike, then let go of the handle bars while screaming...
  • ..."LOOK MA - NO HANDS!! (to the embarrassment of my son... :-))
  • sitting on the floor "Indian Style" to watch a movie, or read a book or ... just sit
  • swing high, free & long @ any park I pass w/swings
  • ditto for the monkey bars, while wishing I was still nimble enuff to 'skin-the-cat'
  • sit in the back yard & blow bubbles for hours
  • sing along w/songs I remember from Sesame Street ("come & play; everything's A-okay...."
  • belt out the words to any "School House Rock" ("I'm Just A Bill...")
  • laugh hysterically @ the same episodes of "The Three Stooges" that I laughed at 40 years ago
  • Lay on my bed to read snuggled amongst my 2 giant teddy bears, "Morris Day" & "Cher"
  • look at listen & to my mother w/the same admiration I had when I was a little girl
  • cause i still see her as the same glamorous elegant beauty queen
  • still browse thru my copies of old Nancy Drew, Charlotte's Web, Where the Red Fern Grows & Little Women
and I do these things because it's never too late to have a happy childhood.**

**Carry On Tuesday Archives.

Pictures by: me;

the picture of the swings was submitted to our local newspaper & printed. So proud of seeing the caption, "Tracey D. Kenard captures her idea of springtime." :-)

The gorgeous baby girl is my great-niece, Amelia. She filled our visit with a boatload of love... & joy (as you can see...)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Horses

I said farewell to a friend this evening. A big gathering of people sharing their love and remembering him. A slideshow slid pictures of him in slow motion while the song, Wild Horses played in the background. An easel held a huge collage of him as a beautiful little boy, as a teenager, then as the guy I knew. A lot of sadness.

Then there was me. LOL! I have such hilarious, funny, charming & deep moment memories of me & him. My heart does hurt, but when I think of him, it's always something funny. We laughed. Everyday. So in the middle of it all, I made his parents, his girlfriend & a couple of his friends laugh - just off of stuff he had told me about them. It really broke the ice.

For a minute.

Now that I'm home w/a little card w/his handsome face on it, sadness keeps wanting to take over, but I'm not letting it. To think less than 2 weeks ago, he turned me on to some guy named Les Claypool (amazing bassist) who made songs called 'my name is mud', & 'jerry wants to be a race car driver' (wth?), & we turned it up on his computer & jammed.

See? Good memories, like that :-)
pictures by: me

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Belated World Kindness, etc...

The results of a wandering mind & a camera...
  • even though I missed posting here yesterday due to extreme sleepiness, the Kindness should continue forever. Hopefully our randoms have become a sweet habit
  • my Kindness Day was full of kindness & love that fed my soul
  • spent quality time with friends who really needed a shoulder to cry on as did I
  • was amazed @ how one of my pictures made an awesome spur of moment birthday gift
  • the total cost to put it together was $3. Awesome....
  • if there were no dollar stores, my life would be incomplete
  • a friend told me that an angel lead me to spend that quality time w/friends. I needed & loved that thought
  • today i changed my bed to a different position for the 1st time in 15 years. Wow...
  • can't believe there are 'feng shui bed placement' rules...
  • i want to buy the empty lot behind my garage & privacy-fence it in. this would make my back yard very big - possible sunshine for a garden - again - maybe?
  • was just now trying to decide yay/nay on baking an apple pie; i'm not. i'd rather polish my fingers & toes.
  • amazed @ my ability to talk myself out of doing something today that I had no business doing in the first place :-\ I guess I had a random act of clarity :-|
  • the note cards in my bag will never do their job if I don't take them outta my bag
  • @ the salon on Friday, my 'girl' (stylist) washed my hair w/something that was intensely peppermint. bliss.
  • JCPenny hair salon; who knew? My new treat every payday. Very inexpensive & I love how my hair feels & looks.
  • 'my girl' (stylist) graduated from high school in 2002. Scream.
  • the woman that runs the store @ the library told me she looks forward to son & I coming in. she looks for us each Sat. & adores him because he's always smiles & is such a gentleman
  • then she told him he was very good-looking & to watch out for the women
Happy World Kindness Day!!

pictures by: me

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...