Saturday, October 9, 2010

small things...

i could definitely sit here and stare at sailboats go by all day,
listening to the waves fold so softly into themselves.

as i walk mindfully upon the shore,
i pause for a moment to rescue stranded shells,
and feel the grains of sand falling gently through my fingers.

enters my daughter, with a treasure she found,
hmmmm, i wonder who lives upon this rock?
must be very small people, and i bet they're pretty shy too.
kindly, we placed the rock back at the water's edge.

i began to think of all the small, innocent children around the world,
who suffer as a result of hunger, poverty, sexual and physical abuse,
and i prayed so deeply for them.  oh Jah Jah, please deliver them.

*speaking of innocent children, i recently learned about the butterfly project and couldn't help but share it with all of you.  my daughter and i will be joining in.  won't you please join us?  one love.

*Dearest Tracey, 

Giving thanks for the gift of your friendship.  It's been an honour to grace your space (hey, that rhymes ;)  I surely enjoyed my visit.  one love.  



  1. I love prayer flags. These are all gorgeous shots. What a wonderful friend you are, Se'lah!

  2. Looking at the world through a child's eyes is a sure way to rediscover it's beauty.
    Thank you for beautiful words.
    Wanda is so right you are a wonderful friend :-)

  3. A beautiful post!

  4. Lovely post and wonderful photos. I love the prayer flags. I'm going to check out the butterfly project right now.

  5. Tracey thanks for sharing Se'Lah with everyone and love to you to girl

  6. oh hello my friend..i feel the prayers in the wind

  7. Hello, Se'Lah... you words & images never fail to inspire, dear friend. Those gently worn prayer flags tug at my heartstrings. Hello, Tracey. Thank you for this thank you for this beautiful moment. :o) ((HUGS))

  8. the ocean is such a wonderful place to sit and reflect. i'm so glad to be introduced to wonderful new blogs by your guest posts se'lah!

  9. Stopping by from Se'lah-- She's the greatest... And your blog is lovely. I'm off to read more.
    Cheers, jj

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!! this is the first time I've sat down @ the computer all weekend - what a wonderful surprise. Se'Lah - you are the sneaky one! Thank you so much for this absolutely beautiful post, dear friend. I am teary at all of the beauty! It would be a good day to sit & watch the sailboats go by w/you!

    And thank you for stopping by everybody, door is always open :-)

  11. PS: The Butterfly Project is sad and amazing.

  12. I really enjoy hanging out with all of you, no matter at whose house. Who could ask for better friends?

    Tracey, thanks for being such a gracious hostess. lotsa love.

  13. This was a nice travel to peace through peace!
    I, too, have been thinking about children and all of the challenges they face..including sickness. I said thank you, thank you for wellness, happiness, joy and wholeness for all of the children in the world. I'm so thankful for yours and mine!

    It was nice to visit you Tracy. Thank you Se'Lah for introducing us.



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