Monday, October 11, 2010


In the rush of every day life, I often need to take time for me. To only do the things I take comfort & pleasures in. These can be things done away from home, or right at home. This past weekend was a good example. In forty-eight hours, I managed to:
  • complete laundry
  • bathe both dogs & brush them
  • walk them
  • dead-head flowers & watered them (they seem to flourish in this Fall weather)
  • detail both cars
  • cook a great dinner
  • read outside on the porch
  • read outside on the patio
  • listen to some great, old jazz (Chet Baker rules!)
  • rest
  • relax
  • rake leaves
  • cook a great Sunday dinner
  • bake my 1st apple pie
Even though the son & D were both home, I was present in each moment, finding quiet, peace & blessings in each activity.

I find that the time I spend alone inside my own head, going whichever way the wind blows me is essential.

Sunday Scribbling prompt: essential


  1. that apple looks oh so yummy!!!! great job.

  2. That pie looks wonderful! Wish I had some. ;) I've love to pat your doggies too. Gald you had some good "me" time.

  3. Absolutely..going away in your head is the best thing -though not too far - still got to get back to enjoy that apple pie! Jae

  4. LOL! Thanks everybody! The pie came out fantastic - next time, I'll use Granny Smith apples instead of Delicious - Granny's are meatier I think. Everybody, come to my house & we can have it heated w/vanilla bean ice cream on top!! Yay!

    Sharon - I thought you like my doggie. He looks all regal in this pic, but he & his brother are really my teddy bears :-)

  5. the essential is do what you need to do! It's so simple how you put this. Or, perhaps, I'm too complicated to do simple things? But dilemmas putting aside, your pie looks great, would uncomplicate my life right now eat it...:)



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