Monday, July 26, 2010

Evening stroll...

I grabbed my appendage (camera) & the Son & took one of our usual evening walks yesterday after dinner. the weather was so great - finally dropped down to low 80's by that time with NO humidity, thank God. So tired of sweating like a viking (LOL!)

These pictures are some of what made me feel peaceful &
blessed. As we acted our usual silly selves, "J" looked square @ me & said "I love you, mom." I said, 'I love you, too!', then he said what we always say: "well then I guess that makes us even!" Enjoy :-)

Note: for the pictures of the ripples in the water, I had him standing behind me throwing rocks over my head so I could catch the splash. Yes... he did hit me in the back of the head w/one. His response: "sorry mom, my bad!... it was just a little, baby rock..." Sigh. Gotta love him. The pix were worth it.

"Water under the bridge..."

"on golden pond..."

My Superman!!!

Courtesy: all pictures by Tracey

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