Thursday, July 29, 2010

"I Am....."

Children's Garden, Monument Park, Canton, Ohio, by Tracey

Happy Love Thursday...

I usually link Thursdays with Chookooloonks for Love Thursday, but her beautiful message for today is self-love and other folks' perceptions of us. I'm not in the mood for that today (LOL!). The topic is to tell how "I Am Enough" just the way I am. I don't need to get into that. I have my insecurities re: some things, but otherwise, I think I'm MORE than enough :-)

Today, for my own 'love thursday,' I'd like to reflect on the heart (hence, the Roman tomato shaped like so....:-)

So... not to stray too far from self-love, yet touch on the inadequencies that some of us may or may not think we have within ourselves, I give this quote that I love:

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Buddha

I love myself & know that I am enough.... Happy Love Thursday, everybody!!

"Heart" tomato by Tracey

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!....

Please join me in wishing a very, very happy birthday to our dear fellow blogger, the beautiful, inspirational Selah of the Necessary Room!!! She is a treasure to us all, isn't she? I'm so glad she's part of my 'cyber life.' The day that I discovered your blog was a true blessing. As I sat on the porch having my morning coffee, my Morning Glories called to me; they said "give us to Se'Lah or her special day!!" Here's to you, my friend:

"Although I can't wish you a happy birthday in person; I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you."

Peace, love and blessings to you, forever :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010


the parade I spoke of in an earlier post isn't until THIS WEEKEND!!!

My fault.

Got the Son ALL wound up, only to have him drop like a stone...

Sorry, James; next time I will check all the facts before giving you information....

Love, Mom.

Evening stroll...

I grabbed my appendage (camera) & the Son & took one of our usual evening walks yesterday after dinner. the weather was so great - finally dropped down to low 80's by that time with NO humidity, thank God. So tired of sweating like a viking (LOL!)

These pictures are some of what made me feel peaceful &
blessed. As we acted our usual silly selves, "J" looked square @ me & said "I love you, mom." I said, 'I love you, too!', then he said what we always say: "well then I guess that makes us even!" Enjoy :-)

Note: for the pictures of the ripples in the water, I had him standing behind me throwing rocks over my head so I could catch the splash. Yes... he did hit me in the back of the head w/one. His response: "sorry mom, my bad!... it was just a little, baby rock..." Sigh. Gotta love him. The pix were worth it.

"Water under the bridge..."

"on golden pond..."

My Superman!!!

Courtesy: all pictures by Tracey

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The first gift...

I'm surprised @ how I'm really mind-screwing my 29 days of giving challenge. Suddenly, I'm conscious of looking at everything I do - am I giving? Is this a gift? This is really not the time for me to analyze something so simple.

I won't mention what I do each day in the way of giving here (@ the site I will though - they encourage it), but to kick it off, I'll say that spending 1/2 the day w/mom today was my gift to her. She enjoys uninterrupted time w/me, so any time I can give her is a gift. I enjoy it as much as she does. When she lights up & we laugh & giggle for hours & talk non-stop about any random thing, it's a gift to me as well.

Young dog; new trick & other stuff....

I'm happy w/my first try @ colorizing my pictures!!! I used Gimp; it looked intimidating at first with all the tools, etc, but the site has a great tutorial to follow. Don't know if I could remember all the steps w/out it. I've been wanting to do this w/different stuff, now it's on. Watch out world! (LOL!)

Tip: if you're ever in a position to get in good with an IT guy @ your work or wherever, take advantage. Our guy, Kevin, (who has since taken another job) taught me so much & gave me so many tips re: all things computer. I miss him. He'd be proud of me :-)

Tomorrow is the Community Parade that kicks off the Hall of Fame festivities. Me & the Son never miss it. He's always been fascinated w/parades, so it's all good. We'll wear all of our beaded necklaces that he made over the years in camp. He calls it our 'parade bling.' Hope it's not 1,000 degrees like it has been. Should be nice; the turnout is always great. For years I've been saying I would get to the early morning or late evening hot air balloon lift-off. Pictures of those would be T.D.F. (to die for...); especially when they lift off @ night; the balloons glow like giant lanterns. Awesome...

Otherwise, I spent the morning w/mom. It was nice hanging out @ her house. We went thru her 'library' of inspirational books; she has so many good ones. We came across two that had her named stamped all over them; one was called "Leaving the Past Behind," (yes, Lord) & "How to be your Own Best Friend." (yes, Lord - again). Those are ongoing conversations between us. I pointed out that while she had tags & writings in all the other books we looked at, those 2 were virtually untouched - & needed to be read the most! She said she knew. I hope she does give them a read & maybe touch on some of her issues she has w/the past & to gain acceptance of herself. Remember, if you don't love yourself, it's damn hard to be able to give it to someone else...

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Lista de la Vida", Parte Dos

Translation: Life list, part two:

go back to San Francisco & have time to do 'all things tourist'
drive from Los Angeles to Carmel/Monterey via Highway One
spend a summer on Martha's Vinyard
take a water color class
buy a truck
collect all of J. California Cooper's books
see a Hawaiian sunset
try new recipes @ least twice a month from the tons of Kraft Foods Magazines I have
live in a house w/a fireplace in my bedroom
and a butcher block center island in the kitchen
grow herb gardens - again
take my son on vacation
found a summer food program for kids who don't have 3-squares in the summer
found a place where those same kids could get clothes & school supplies
provide the funding for our Special Olympic kids to have their own sports facilities
provide nice, safe housing & trustworthy supervision for our special needs young men & women who want to live on their own
give my mother $$$ on a monthly basis
live alone again
get a massage w/warm stones
give my bedroom a much-needed makeover
and my bathroom

Courtesy: Cloud photo by Tracey

Love Thursday... late edition...

Sorry I missed Love Thursday yesterday. As I sat here @ work this morning, my eyes darted around my office, trying to find if "love" was anywhere in the room.

Then my eyes landed on the shelf above me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's on.....

....I've signed up & I'm ready to take the challenge. I think it should be fun.

On my mark;
get set;

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Lista de la Vida"......

...which translates into "life list" in Spanish. Again, I was catching up on Karen @ Chookooloonk's posts & thought I'd steal her idea. Well... I guess it's not actually stealing as she invites everyone to try it, but I was so inspired. Here we go; I know I won't be able to chalk up 50 of 'em in one sitting (unlike my 61 Simple Blessings), so I'll have to update as more comes to mind :-}
  1. Travel the islands off the Georgie coast (Jekyll, Cumberland, Tybee. Didn't i just say that somewhere?).
  2. own a really elegant/sexy/silky red dress w/straps that'll make heads turn when I wear it
  3. figure out someplace to where it
  4. Learn to pay the guitar
  5. and the flute
  6. Own a big ole farm house on enuff land to be comfortable
  7. with a big veggie garden
  8. to sell veggies @ a Farmer's market
  9. Help people who are down, like this lady. Food is such an easy thing to do & you can add so much love to it
  10. Make calendars & note cards of my pictures
  11. Go to Aruba
  12. Get braces
  13. spend a month in Italy
  14. and Greece
  15. buy my dream SLR camera
  16. visit Charleston, SC
  17. get my haircut into some type of style
  18. learn to ride a horse
  19. walk a marathon (walk being the operative word)

New blog love...

I was reading the Bridal Bliss Section of, (my other addiction), and noted the photographer. I went to her site & now have another photography blog I added to follow. Melissa Squires specializes in portrait & weddings. Folks that are really good @ their photography craft just amaze me. I could sit all day & do nothing but look at those.

I am a hopeless, hopeless romantic. I always like looking @ wedding photos & reading the stories of how the couples got to the point of marriage. The love, trust, & future of 2 people emerging into one life as a team fills me w/hope & possibilities.

Credit: Melissa Squires of A Girl in Love Photography

Monday, July 19, 2010


I wish I had more time to blog. After all this time of reading beautiful blogs, I never guessed how much time it can take. I've already sat here 20 mins. putting my thoughts together when I really should be getting ready for bed. I'm tired of 'getting ready for bed.' I need a vacay. A 'make reservations' & drive and/or fly/leave the state' vacay. Not a few days here & there.

Had possession of my beautiful great-niece, Alaina, on Sat. nite. What precious hours those were. She's adorable; can't remember being around one quite that young (4 mos.) in years so I felt quite awkward. I tell you, though; that mothering feeling never leaves. Especially when the baby is as laid back & happy as this beauty. I stayed in her face for the 6 hours she was @ my house. This one is my favorite.

Felt kinda bored w/F.Book today. I read posts & checked in from time to time, but didn't really have anything profound to say. Unusual for me; I usually start the morning w/something 'peppy.' Maybe I just felt like blogging instead....

The "Life Challenge" is going great.This Friday will be 2 weeks of no beer/wine intake at all. That was nothing but the intervention of God making the change in my life that I prayed for. I feel great! I feel flat out healthy. My eyes seems to shine like they haven't in a long time. And with the exception of needing to get my ass to the gym & tone, I'm happy w/my body. I feel super sexy!! Crystal Light of all flavors is my new addiction. It's a must have in the house @ all times. I wish D would jump on the bandwagon & give his health some attention....

This is one of the 1st pic I took w/my EasyShare - my first diggie. I think this was the beginning of my 2nd round of photo craze. I took plenty w/the old stuff (camera, film, developing - $$$$$$), but this modern tech was amazing. Last year I sent this pic to my pen pal in Oregon that I am a 'chemo angel' for. She rec'd major set-back news health-wise & I thought this would lift her. I cried while I wrote her letter. Prayers, peace & blessings to you & your family, Raelyn.

If I had been more motivated & not so bitchy @ the time, I would've entered these pics in the John Saxon Gallery local photo contest. I complained about them wanting the pic matted & paying an entry fee. Then on First Friday when I saw the other entries; my pic would've been perfect. Duh! I'll never pass that up again. Definitely participating next time...

About 3/4 years ago, Mom & I cleaned out my uncle's attic & I came across this treasure in an old trunk. Lord knows how old it is or who started this quilt; I think it was my grandmother. All it needs is finished; the top is completely done - or as mom says, the hard part is finished. Good old fashioned hand-stitching. I love all the old fabrics & scraps. I would love to finish it & keep it on my bed. Wonder what could Sharon of Happenings on Chaos Ranch do with this? :-) Wonders, I bet.
Finally, I'm a bookmark addict. No matter how many I have, I can't resist the next cute one. So behind on my reading; I have 30 books on my Goodreads
list & only about 3/4 have been read; the rest are "to read." I've been dragging around the The Weight of Silence and Eat, Pray, Love for a couple of months now. Can't make myself concentrate on anything more than magazines for some reason. They're both good books; I have to make time. I thought I would get reading done @ the Spec.Olympics last months since I had hotel alone time, but that didn't happen.

I need that vacation. Would love to go someplace I've never been; I'd like to travel the islands along the coast of Georgia. I think that would be relaxing, informative, beautiful and relaxing. Maybe one day...

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...