Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Checkin' In

You turn your back for one minute and another month passes. Hello Ms. March!

03/06/18, 6:15 p.m. backyard sunset by: Me
  • I'm finding it hard to believe this June will mark ONE YEAR of my being at the store.
  • Nothing more in life has been happening here. I haven't been to Italy, Greece, The Coastal Georgia Islands or any place else that's been on my bucket list forever. Often times I wonder if I'll ever get to any of those places.
  • I feel like I live a very quiet life which is cool, but at times can be quite maddening. This lovely quote comforts me in some way:
"Solitude" by: Me
  • On the reading front: "A Confident Heart" has become another one of my favorites. I love my faith, God and any good reading that makes me feel even more grateful in my gratitude walk
  • "The Story of Arthur Truluv", because I love anything Elizabeth Berg writes
  • "They Left Us Everything" because I love a good memoir and it kinda reminds me of what my sibs and I will have to face with mom...
  • "Happier At Home" because who doesn't want their home to be simple, comfortable and full of love?
  • "Living In Full Bloom" because I'm all in for books that share how to live in constant bloom; and
  • "Daughters of Men" perhaps because I didn't have a father/daughter relationship in my life and I love reading about Black Women who do/did
On the art front: Paint chip butterflies on canvas board, hot glue on canvas board covered in foil and polished w/black shoe polish, my contribution to Valentine's Day (acrylic paint on canvas board), and "Loretta and Devine" (named after the amazing Loretta Devine), my first time with Orchids. Side note: "Loretta" is THRIVING: ALL the petals have since fallen off "Devine." 😭 Research says don't trip - she's not dead.

 Until next time - from this quiet life.

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