Thursday, March 13, 2014

There are no "sides"

I am the daughter
Remember how your parents always were in charge of your lives until you grew up and moved on?

What happens when the roles are forced to change?

Your are the mother

And what happens when the role reversal is met with sheer, intense resistance? When the mother will never admit there are things she can't or doesn't remember? Is it her fear of losing independence? What about when you have 7 siblings who the mother calls "those other people" because they, too, have expressed concern?

Role reversal can be scary
It's time to lay down the role of 'best friend, encourager, cheer-er upper, running buddy" and be honest. When I expressed my own concerns, they were met with disdain. "You've been talking to "them!" "I need you to have you OWN opinion!" "I need someone I can depend on to support me "against them!"

Sigh... there are no "thems", there are only "us." ALL of us. I shared that all concern came from nothing but love.

There are no sides.

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