Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wants vs. Needs

With time, Life becomes more about your needs instead of your wants...
I took it upon myself to buy son a small flat screen for his room this Christmas. As I have mentioned before, son is autistic and his view of the world is very, very, different from ours. We should be so fortunate.

First off, he didn't know what it was! Yes, in the world of the fastest, best, easiest electronics, son is completely unaware. He was never interested in video games, nor cell phones or anything but the basics. When it came time to check out the new TV, he said 'but I already HAVE a TV.' I thought with him being a 26 year old guy, he would want to update his room just a wee bit, but again, I was wrong.

I tried pointing out how the TV has a built-in DVD player, etc., etc., etc., only to have him ask me, 'does it have a remote?' As I made over all the features, I could see his face lose interest. Bottom line: he's happy with what he has & doesn't see the need for anything newer, flatter, 'better.'

Is this another lesson? I found that it is. How much of our wants do we mistake for need? He doesn't NEED a new TV, yet he also doesn't WANT a new TV. Prior to Christmas, I've been aching for an iPad. Why? I have a full scale PC that I'm using right now. Suddenly, my want for the newest, thinnest, fastest contraption, waned. Do I NEED that? Certainly not; do I WANT that? No so much anymore.

This lesson from son has been on my mind since Christmas day. The new TV still sits under the tree, totally untouched; the receipt on my dresser. I'm not sure where it belongs now.

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