Monday, December 30, 2013


Live your life like no one is watching you. Live beyond expectations. Live like you are totally free to be anything & do anything you choose for yourself. Live from your innocence. Live from a sense of equal satisfaction with who you are & what you have available to you. Let yourself dream like nobody can stop you.
Let yourself sing like nobody is listening. Let yourself dance like nobody is watching. Play dress up! Talk to yourself. Tell yourself something that you would never repeat aloud. Let yourself be exactly who you are & live like it is okay - because it really is.
I will gain more understanding when I realize ... where I am is exactly where I need to to be

Living, learning, light, luminosity, law. Opportunity, oneness, openness. Vastness, versatility, virtue, victory. Enlightenment, eternity, endurance, endeavor
  These quotes are from "Until Today" by Iyanla Vanzant. Sister, S got it for my birthday a few years ago.Good lessons with a side of food for thought.


  1. Love these fun pictures of you! So nice to see your beautiful, smiling face!


    1. Thanks, Sharon!!! I will always be a silly girl :-)



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