Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catching up #3/One Minute Writer; "Emotion"


The other day, I made a decision based totally on emotion. I didn't consider the fact that I may have been losing a valuable, loving, friendship. But in the end, I decided to trust and believe in myself.

One Minute Writer word prompt: "Emotion"

Breast Cancer Walk 2013/Catch Up #2

I walked the yearly Strides for Life Breast Cancer Walk, Canton Ohio chapter, last Sunday. It was a chilly, beautiful day. Nothing was more rewarding than walking as one with fighters and survivors. We are all blessed.

My home made banner for my sister, Sharon, friends & family

Top of the very early morning. 8:45 a.m.
The front of "Team for Life" T-shirt
... and the back. We got A LOT of compliments. Thanks to my 'niece', Kenya' for the design
The start & finish line
Me and 1/2 of "Team for Life". I was old enough to be all of these ladies' mother. Sheesh... Lol.

Catching up #1

This is me @ the Marshall Land Company here in town. It saves & restores beautiful things from old houses, schools and the like under going demolition. They were nice enough to allow me to shoot outside & in. Here, I happened upon a wall of old fashioned mirrors. The most I can do @ the place is admire & shoot; their prices are out the butt!!

I found my 'dream door' here. This will be the door to my home made green house one day. I look @ this every day when I drive past the place. I will be heartbroken when someone buys it.

These shutters were on the other side of the building. Aren't they great??? This place is like Shabby Chic. If only I knew a creative guy who could see my vision with this stuff. Lord knows what we would create. :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Things; Friday

1) I don't know how I noticed this, but I'm glad I did. The rain is making the leaf change inconsistent. Catch color while you can;
"A tree within a tree" ~ my keen eye :-)
2) Super excited about walking the breast cancer walk next Sunday. Go, "TEAM FOR LIFE!" Rain or shine, I will step proudly for my sister, Sharon, Lori Lynch, and other close friends. :-)

Supporting forever!
3)  Today, I had THEE most amazing interview. Having not worked since March of this year, I've been quite weary in trying to find my nitch. I truly don't want another law firm in my life, so what direction do I take? It's all I've known for the past 20 years.

Suddenly - BOOM! A friend asks who would be willing to work part time with the disabled adult at her church? Not much pay, but extremely rewarding. WHAT????
Will I allow myself to change & soar?
4)  Is this me? Is this FOR me? The 'different' path I've been asking for? Something where I'm feeling good about what I'm doing - helping others. SO me!!  I've been having serious talks w/God about what I should do. It's almost like someone talking to you; you can see their lips moving, but you can't hear them. Uggh! I am putting ALL trust in Him.

5) Yesterday, I went on an impromptu photo walk in the city about 15 mins. over in search of new things for my eyeballs. I believe I've raked our city dry! Lol. The other city is RICH with architecture which is what I was itching for. About five minutes into, it poured rain. I had to call it a day. BUT! I was inspired by the color 'red' in spite of the rain. There is much more to see there, including the house of old school, silent film actress, Lillian Gish. According to the link, it's quite a quaint & unassuming place, no?

5 Things Friday

Friday, October 11, 2013

NaBloPoMo 10/12/13

It had gotten to the point of obsession. Every road that lead away from my home heading to any part of town lead me past the park. When I first looked at the house, not only did I love it, but I was more excited about living near the park. I had grown up there and spent many of days running and playing until I nearly fainted with exhaustion. The free flowing creek that ran through the length of the park, and the lush green of the age-old trees made it a timeless place to be. Her wildest dreams would have never brought her back to this place, let alone living near the very spot where she spent time in the amazing green space.

Now every glance at the old guard house in her childhood play space was surrounded by high bramble bushes. The tall slender trees drooped under the weight of the wild red berries. As much as the City promised to make it a historical part of the park, the house sadly looked over the park. Having been vandalized and mistreated over the years, it's once grandeur creaked under the weight of neglect.

So when I sat down to morning coffee & the newspaper, it wash of fear spread over me when the headlines read "Murder In the Park!!!" A young woman had been killed and left dead in the old guard house.

What was once innocence and beauty became a mighty 'fear spot' for me long afterward. When the snow fell, the left over police 'CRIME SCENE' tape still managed to flap in the wind from beneath the snow. It is forever embedded in my memory.

The One Minute Writer: Friday Flash Fiction (FFF): "Murder In the Park"

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"3WW" (Three Word Wednesday)

When tempers flared, the tension in the room was dreadful. That feeling when all the air has been sucked out, yet you still struggle to breathe;

These are usually the times when the decisions that are declared are hasty. The words, "NOW", "NEVER", WHO CARES?" are thrown about loosely;

And then the dust settles, silence is the order of the evening. Until the next inevitable episode, you both manage. To sustain.

"Three Word Wednesday" prompts: dreadful, hasty, sustain
Picture: me

NaBloPoMo, 10/09/13

"Lark or Owl"? ~ "The One Minute Writer"

I am definitely the Lark. I am a get up and get moving type of person. Morning is my favorite time of the day, preferably when the rest of the city sleeps. I love to take my coffee outside & listen to the sounds & message of the birds singing, crickets chirping, and the earth waking up. I breathe deeply and look toward the sky.

"I'm trying the One Minute Writer challenge. Writing steadily for one minute. I like this. I'm also about 5 days late on my "NaBlo", yet feeling no pressure. :-) In all honesty, I had forgotten about it, but it's not too late.

Friday, October 4, 2013

NaBloPoMo, 10/04/2013


Okay, let's see if I can be faithful to this challenge. NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) means you post everyday. This being October, the subject is Fall & basically all things "October." I'm coming in on the fourth day; I'm going to count my previous posts as inclusions. But, here goes:

Friday, October 4, 2013
Tell us about your favourite Halloween costume from childhood.

I don't think I ever had a fave. Back then, it was some strange costume that I was too big for & a goofy clown mask that made me sweat. And after a while, it smelled from my sweat & breath & trying to keep up with my older brothers who gave no mercy. It's the only costume I can remember.


NaBloPoMo prompt

Early Mornin' Rain

"Early Morning Rain" ~ Eva Cassidy. I didn't know who she was, until she died.

Garden Totem, created by a friend, via Pinterest

Red Grass; still giving off glowing love

I think this screams, "WELCOME, DAY!!!" :-)

"Washed clean"
Heavy Fall rains, yet my blooms stand strong. I'll let them show off for as long as they'll 'have me.' I love Fall, but I'm in no hurry to lose my batches of summer growth & color.

Quiet Signs Friday

When we were kids, we used to lean over the split-railed fence ...

... to steal "Mr Uckleberry's" prized rhubarb. We grabbed it by the root & munched, dirt & all...

... I could never understand why he got so pissed off until I became an adult with my own garden ...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Things Friday (early)

1) Government shut-down means no more traditional Cuyahoga Scenic Valley riding through our City. This was always a sure part of summer. Really? No train? In our tiny spot on the map?

No Polar Express for the kids @ Christmas?? Geez...

2) Also, no more "Wheels on Meals"? How are the elderly/disabled that counted on that food; how are they supposed to eat? I'm mad & concerned at the same time!!!

3) Son will have to have cataract surgery soon. I was surprised with him being so young! But the doctor told me there are BABIES that have the surgery! Could you imagine, on those tiny little eyes? Waahhh....

4) I've been buying pre-cut matting, mounting my pictures, and giving them away as gifts. Just when I get ALL hyped up about getting set up to sell, I shy back & think, 'oh, it's just another picture.' I'm not confident in it. To family, yes; to strangers; no. Mama needs some mojo!!! \0/ !!!

5) Lastly, Fall is upon us, yet my flowers & plants continue to give all they have until the end. I'm still enjoying sitting amongst the color on the porch/patio for coffee in the morning, and wine in the evening. My home needs MAJOR repairs, yet I'm trying to stay focused. A friend of mine is moving into a brand new, never lived in, 5 bedroom home in a new allotment. Blessings all around.


One thing about time; you either feel you have too little of it, or too much of it.

When you're unemployed & watch everyone else leave to what it is they do for 8 hours, you have too much time;

When you're employed, or have a very busy social calendar, you have too little time;

I'm finding in this 'period of what the hell next?', I'm  had/am having:

  • anytime
  • sleep late time
  • between time
  • me time
  • doubt time
  • panic time
  • insecure time
  • depressed time
  • beat me up time
  • down time
  • up time
  • sad time
  • tear time
  • garden time
  • reading time
  • walking time
  • photo walk time
  • being-in-the moment time
  •  peace time
  • play time
  • Bible study time
  • Summer time
I'm ready to feel productive again. Hoping that it will be "soon time." :-)

Thankful Thursday

When I venture off the beaten path
My worries seem to shed
The way the shadows make a way
to which I should be lead

The magical sounds of 1,000 birds
Singing thanks for the gift of life
I raise my hands over my head
And send thanks, too, for on my path,
there is no strife

The crunchy golden leaves & sticks
comfort me underfoot
The way the sun highlights God's work
 Careful steps I put

If I had a choice, I would always be
off the beaten path
To clear my head, find my center
and be thankful for all I have.

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...