Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who Am I? Who Are You?

Cut and paste  your answers onto your own space & leave a comment so I'll know to check you out. I like how the questions made me think for a sec. :-)
Yourself: Crazy funny
Your partner: High strung, quick to anger
Your hair: right now: shoulder length, super curly
Your Mother: Lacking self-love & holding onto the past. Big time.
Your Father: "father(s); biological & step; both deceased. No 'real' father/daughter relationship with either
Your Favorite Item: my bike. flying with the wind!!!!

Your dream last night: Talking to a long-time girl friend I haven't been in touch with. This is a sign that I need to connect with her
Your Favorite Drink: Lipton Citrus Green Tea
Your Dream Car Truck: Chevy F-10

Your Dream Home: A huge farm house w/separate small house for my mother to live with me, and enough room for everyone to come to chill out/vacation whenever they wanted/needed to.
The Room You Are In: Living Room
Your fear: my autistic son being harmed
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? I don't plan that far into the future

Who you hung out with last night: myself
What You’re Not: Mean or petty
Muffins: No thanks.
One of Your Wish List Items: A large spare room for my creative mind to roam
The Last Thing You Did: Paint my nails with clear & glitter.
What You Are Wearing: Old tank top and basketball shorts

Your favorite weather: Any thing b/tween 75-80.
Your Favorite Book:  Jesus Calling. Keeps my crazy mind on track.
Last thing you ate: 2 Jack 'O Link beef jerky sticks. 
Your Life: I'm wondering the same thing.

Your mood: Pleasant

Your Best Friend: Myself.
What are you thinking about right now: If there is anything else in the house besides Jack 'O Link Beef Jerky; if I will do a super great job photographing my great nephew's wedding; what will I wear? I want to stand out. Hoping I will do a good job @ Lisa's yard sale tomorrow. I want her to accept my money instead of giving me the stuff. Am I blocking my blessings?; will I ever go on vacation?; what's my purpose?; why haven't I ever framed & displayed my pix in my own house?, etc., etc., etc.....
Your car: Toyota Corolla

What are you doing at the moment: This.
Your summer: Dead, excitement wise, but a great summer for flowers/plants. Lisa asked that we dig up her Perrenials & take what we want. Swoon.

Relationship status: Long. Will I ever let it be or will I always ignore the little voices that battle inside me, daily?
What is on your tv: Law & Order reruns.
What is the weather like: Overcast, warn & humid.
When is the last time you laughed: A second ago? I crack my own self up!!!!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Five Things Friday

Inez "Nell" Aldridge

  1. A random stop @ the Historical Society Resale Shop made me fall in love with "Nell", in honor of my grandmother
  2. Dreading yet another fight with a very useless insurance company over my roof. I know one needs to stand up for their rights, yet the tension wears me out
  3. Lately having an overwhelming feeling of not being able protect son as he grows further into manhood. Leaving all that at God's feet
  4. We won't be attending 'State' this year due to the distance. I wonder will I ever be able to conquer 'freeway panic' again?
  5. I didn't get a good vibe from this last interview. Hoping they don't call. Is that wrong?
Five Things Friday

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Update, Part VI

Beautiful childhood friend, Lori!!!

"Frick 'n Frack", together again :-) (Excuse my look - it was the wine. Lol)

A childhood friend that I reconnected with on Facebook a few years ago showed up at my door. We literally had not seen each other since we were maybe 12/13. After talking on F.Book about what types of wine we like, she showed up about 2 days later, with no notice, with that exact bottle of wine! And what makes this visit so much more special, is that Lori is a breast cancer survivor!!! I followed her journey all the way to her wellness - she is now cancer free!!! So needless to say her journey from Florida to Ohio was all the more special. We are so blessed!!

Summer Update, Part V

My first time growing poppies.

Grown from a $1.00 box of wildflower seeds

.... that was made to cover 100 square feet

.... but planted in a small patch gave wildflower overload!!!!

One of my favorites: Tuberose Begonias

A yearly must-have

"Sun and Substance" Hosta blooms

Portulaca ~ another new favorite

Cana Lillies grown from bulbs.
One thing I am proud of is my many plants & flowers. I think this is the best they've ever looked since I've had much spare time on my hands. I made sure I have blasts of color everywhere. Definitely one of my favorite parts of summer.

Summer Update, Part IV

I took a chance and entered three photo contests at the branches of the library I frequent. At one branch, my photos were displayed & I only ranked as 'participant.' The next branch, I took SECOND, even though at first they told me I won third. My 'prize' was a stack of new books!!! And lastly, at the next branch, I took third place. I was humbled and honored that folks gave my pictures some love. The librarian said if she saw my work at any local shop, she would definitely buy them. I wanted to ask her why wait? You can buy them right now! Lol.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Update, Part III

After a few YEARS of talking about it, my mom FINALLY found her perfect company-keeper. She let me name him, so I chose "Max Roach", aka "Max." She had no idea who I was talking about. Lol.

He's a cutie & very much a wild thing. He loves her unconditionally. I hope he provides the company she's been looking for....

Summer Update, Part II

The summer fireworks didn't fail to please. It's amazing to be so close that you can feel them rattle your whole body!!

Summer Update, Part I

Lake front condos. Good use of an abandoned building.

A super cool 93 year old I met on  the boat. I was instantly attracted to her jewelry. She was a beautiful spirit.

One of the many house for sale on Kelley's Island. It screamed my name.


Dockside drinks & shade

The Peace Monument, Put-In-Bay, Ohio

A cool fountain in the park. The water was very blue

CANNON BALLS!!!! Lol. Symbol from the Battle of Lake Erie

Not too far from everywhere :-)

"Peace Pole". When I was shooting of News/View, an assignment was to find a peace pole. They're very rare.

There was no shortage of Tiki Shacks
It was a very hot day; I took this from the shade of the woods
Water therapy. So relaxing

My kind of place

My mother & I took a day trip of Lake Erie Island hopping. It was a beautiful day & just what the doctor ordered for me.

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...