Saturday, May 25, 2013

vive la différence

I'm loving the touch of adding words to my pictures.
"Cuppa "T" came to me when I got my first DSLR & discovered total freedom.
When encouraged to market myself, I grow shy; even though it is my passion
I say, 'there is so much of 'it' out there already; what will make me unique?'
When deep down I embrace "vive la différence"*
Il est bon**

* (to celebrate ("vive" is equivalent to "long live") being different, meaning it's good that everyone is different.
**(it is good)

Pictures: Cuppa "T" Photography (me) :-)
Carry On Tuesday word prompt: "vive la différence"


  1. Never be afraid to "market yourself" You obviously have talent and if you don't put it out there...who will see. My nephew (a college math professor) loved photography and started putting his "art" in local art walks..He does pretty good...if he had been afraid..he would be reading books on his patio.

    I really liked the butterfly and I might suggest that you separate your captions from your signature...just a thought

  2. These are really beautiful pictures. Very nice.


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