Friday, May 24, 2013

20 Self Randoms

Happy Zinnias

I'm taking my cue from Sophistishe's blog today & giving you 20 self randoms. Here goes:
  1. I have 6 brothers & 2 sisters
  2. I used to play clarinet
  3. I used to have a great singing voice & would sing constantly
  4. I once went to charm school (epic fail)
  5. I was a notorious tomboy who preferred overalls & Converse gym shoes over a silly dress any day
  6. I can grow a perfect set of 10 nails in a month.
  7. I have a dreamy, romantic vision of living in the country in a fab farm house
  8. I've found that life is much more peaceful and blessed since I learned to let my autistic son be himself. It's not about me
  9. As I get older, I get more shy about the gap 'tween my teeth
  10. I don't like pictures of myself
  11. I'm a loner. I love grabbing the camera, taking off by myself & going wherever, stopping randomly, maybe ending up in the library with no one's schedule but my own
  12. I'm a nice, thoughtful person. Real nice. Lol. "D" says 'too nice.' (???) But I will also cut ya if you piss me off... :-/
  13. I'm struggling to think of 7 more randoms....
  14. I have a hard time calling myself a 'photographer.'
  15. I want to spend some time island hopping the island off the coast of Georgia
  16. I don't ever want to work again unless it's something I can totally love. I've never been more relaxed in my life than I have in these last 2 months
  17. I am very, very shy in crowds & @ parties
  18. I have nice hair (lol!) thanks to a good stylist every 2 weeks & hair/skin/nails vitamins
  19. I never meet a stranger
  20. I have to be careful not to give my heart away too easily

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