Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let It Shine

Turquoise Swallow-Tailed Finches
I feel my very best when I take good photos. I feel appreciative & blessed when folks comment on them. When 'they' say, 'why aren't you selling these?', or 'why don't you have a website?', or 'you're a professional & you don't even know it.' ....

Then I feel nervous. Lol. I used to say 'oh, it's the camera; it does all the work - I just point the camera.' But I couldn't be further from the truth. Nearly everyone in my family owns a camera, yet not many of us even touch them. So no, they couldn't just pick up the camera & it would do all the work.

There is a reason why I retrace my steps when I shoot; there is a reason I get closer; step back; zoom in, then out; turn this way, then that; get on my knees or on a chair; chase the sun, along with the shade, run outside in my "pj's", hang out a window, stand in the middle of the street, steady myself, hold my breath, go out in the rain and/or the snow. Spend hours downloading, editing, printing, turning prints into hand-made photo cards.

The reason: Because I want everyone to see exactly what I saw at that moment.

Which then makes me a photographer (nervous giggle). The next time folks ask if I am that; I will say, yes, I am a photographer, with confidence.

How to market me? Major suggestions have been: create a portfolio, create a business card, get a website (or should I reactivate my "Flickr" account & use that?); get an email page separate from my personal email. I started (very barely) an Etsy page, but shy away from when it comes to the thought of handling folks credit cards (YIKES!!). I need to get away from thinking, 'but there are tons of pictures 'like these' out there - what makes mine different?"

I need to listen to my 'shine' trying to come through. What have I got to lose? Time will past at any rate, right? :-)

"picture taken on a morning drive to Sippo Lake. perfect!"


  1. Tracey, I hope you've decided to read your comment section. I read through the first four or five here and I love your softness, your photography, your spiritual approach and what seems to me to be your calmness. I left a comment here because the one under this one had ten comments and this poor little bloglet had none.

    1. Lol! Thanks, Barbara!!! I appreciate your visiting, your kindness & your compliments. Welcome and come back when you can - the door is always open :-)


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