Tuesday, December 31, 2013


And my official word for the upcoming New Year is:


1live :verb \ˈliv\:to exhibit vigor, gusto, or enthusiasm

Maybe in some way, this can tie in with my bucket list at: http://bucketlist.org/list/traceykinohio/. :-)

Do you have a word that will be your mantra in 2014?

My Word

With the shut-down of a few of my favorite writing prompt sites, I've been on the hunt for a challenge/commitment. "Five Things Friday", Carry On Tuesday & "Sunday Scribblings" all called it a day.

I came across "#One Word 365" and decided I will 'declare' my word for 2014. I want it to be a word that has a true meaning for me; something I believe in strongly or something I need to do.

With so much down time for Holidays, I've been very reflective & am courage & strength to free the fears.

Collage by: me :-)

Monday, December 30, 2013


Live your life like no one is watching you. Live beyond expectations. Live like you are totally free to be anything & do anything you choose for yourself. Live from your innocence. Live from a sense of equal satisfaction with who you are & what you have available to you. Let yourself dream like nobody can stop you.
Let yourself sing like nobody is listening. Let yourself dance like nobody is watching. Play dress up! Talk to yourself. Tell yourself something that you would never repeat aloud. Let yourself be exactly who you are & live like it is okay - because it really is.
I will gain more understanding when I realize ... where I am is exactly where I need to to be

Living, learning, light, luminosity, law. Opportunity, oneness, openness. Vastness, versatility, virtue, victory. Enlightenment, eternity, endurance, endeavor
  These quotes are from "Until Today" by Iyanla Vanzant. Sister, S got it for my birthday a few years ago.Good lessons with a side of food for thought.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'll admit that in 2014, I want to fly. If I only had the courage. Let go of the fear.
I don't want to drag any 2013 baggage along
I want to realize what is real in my life, stop allowing emptiness & look at the big picture
Life would be perfect if: Some girls had mute buttons; Some guys had edit buttons; Hard times had fast forward buttons; And Good times had pause buttons.
I continue to be interested in new things that seem old, and old things that seem new.

That kinda day

The best thing
one can do
when it's raining
is to
let it rain ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Wants vs. Needs

With time, Life becomes more about your needs instead of your wants...
I took it upon myself to buy son a small flat screen for his room this Christmas. As I have mentioned before, son is autistic and his view of the world is very, very, different from ours. We should be so fortunate.

First off, he didn't know what it was! Yes, in the world of the fastest, best, easiest electronics, son is completely unaware. He was never interested in video games, nor cell phones or anything but the basics. When it came time to check out the new TV, he said 'but I already HAVE a TV.' I thought with him being a 26 year old guy, he would want to update his room just a wee bit, but again, I was wrong.

I tried pointing out how the TV has a built-in DVD player, etc., etc., etc., only to have him ask me, 'does it have a remote?' As I made over all the features, I could see his face lose interest. Bottom line: he's happy with what he has & doesn't see the need for anything newer, flatter, 'better.'

Is this another lesson? I found that it is. How much of our wants do we mistake for need? He doesn't NEED a new TV, yet he also doesn't WANT a new TV. Prior to Christmas, I've been aching for an iPad. Why? I have a full scale PC that I'm using right now. Suddenly, my want for the newest, thinnest, fastest contraption, waned. Do I NEED that? Certainly not; do I WANT that? No so much anymore.

This lesson from son has been on my mind since Christmas day. The new TV still sits under the tree, totally untouched; the receipt on my dresser. I'm not sure where it belongs now.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Matthew 7:7-8, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

The Sunday Community

Sunday, December 22, 2013


“He was created of a mother whom He created. He was carried by hands that He formed. He cried in the manger in wordless infancy, He the Word, without whom all human eloquence is mute.” ~  Augustine

This is a cross that suspends from the very high ceiling at work in the worship center. It amazed me to stand beneath it & know every thing that it stands for. Made from a real pine tree. Can you imagine carrying such a heavy load? We think we can. But we really don't.


The Sunday Community

Sunday, December 15, 2013


“I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content . . . . I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need” (Phil. 4:11-12).    
Contentment begins with having fewer wants.

I am content. I have the basic needs of everyday life. I am not familiar w/the latest thing. The SigOther thinks we should get a flat screen while the TV w/the big 'hump' on the back has a perfectly good 32" picture on it. It's not a big deal to me.

The Sunday Community

Sunday, December 8, 2013


And the Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you. ~ Luke 17:6

When I was a child, I sold mega amounts of Girl Scout cookies (thanks, dad - Lol). I received this necklace as as gift. I didn't understand what it meant. My GS leader told me that if I had faith as small as the size of this mustard seed, ANY AND ALL things would be possible. I couldn't believe that's all it took! I kept saying, "THAT'S IT??" Surely, it must've been tougher than that. I held on and still hold on to that very important piece of truth.

Over the years, I don't know what happened to my necklace, but I never forgot about it. Imagine walking into a bookstore a couple of days ago & finding it again. :-)

Peace and Light.

The Sunday Community

Sunday, November 10, 2013


What if there was store
that had love for sale
it wouldn't charge a thing
it would just ask that you prevail

It would want you to love yourself
Deep down to your very soul
Heepings of self-love
served up in a huge bowl

It would require that you treasure your being
because you are wonderfully made
It wouldn't ask anything in return
except that you never let your dreams fade

So come on into this store that sells love
And pick what you like, sent from God above
For He is the greatest giver of them all
He wants you to shop there, because He will NEVER
...let you fall.


Sunday Scribblings word prompt: "poem"

Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Things Friday

1) I accepted the job that was offered. I'm anxious, but so much time has passed. I still need to take First Aid/CPR training (8 hrs. of training). Taking one step at a time

2)  Prepping for son's eye surgery next week. A multiple series of eye drops, then no basketball for 2 weeks. Oh, and he has to wear an eye patch. He is SO not feeling any of this

3)  I turned down three photo ops merely due to the fact that I felt overwhelmed. I'm not set up as I should be if I'm going to accept requests. I need bizz cards, but most importantly, a price list. I'm so flattered to be asked that I find myself accepting out of surprise & end up selling myself short. So, I took the weight off & declined all, saying I'm not taking any requests right now. One lady wanted me to shoot her food creations & pay me "in food" ..... which would do nothing for my gas tank or waistline :-)

4)  Starting the day with prayer/mediation makes all the difference. Why do I put other things before it?

5) My relationship makes me unhappy.

5 Things Friday

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catching up #3/One Minute Writer; "Emotion"


The other day, I made a decision based totally on emotion. I didn't consider the fact that I may have been losing a valuable, loving, friendship. But in the end, I decided to trust and believe in myself.

One Minute Writer word prompt: "Emotion"

Breast Cancer Walk 2013/Catch Up #2

I walked the yearly Strides for Life Breast Cancer Walk, Canton Ohio chapter, last Sunday. It was a chilly, beautiful day. Nothing was more rewarding than walking as one with fighters and survivors. We are all blessed.

My home made banner for my sister, Sharon, friends & family

Top of the very early morning. 8:45 a.m.
The front of "Team for Life" T-shirt
... and the back. We got A LOT of compliments. Thanks to my 'niece', Kenya' for the design
The start & finish line
Me and 1/2 of "Team for Life". I was old enough to be all of these ladies' mother. Sheesh... Lol.

Catching up #1

This is me @ the Marshall Land Company here in town. It saves & restores beautiful things from old houses, schools and the like under going demolition. They were nice enough to allow me to shoot outside & in. Here, I happened upon a wall of old fashioned mirrors. The most I can do @ the place is admire & shoot; their prices are out the butt!!

I found my 'dream door' here. This will be the door to my home made green house one day. I look @ this every day when I drive past the place. I will be heartbroken when someone buys it.

These shutters were on the other side of the building. Aren't they great??? This place is like Shabby Chic. If only I knew a creative guy who could see my vision with this stuff. Lord knows what we would create. :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Things; Friday

1) I don't know how I noticed this, but I'm glad I did. The rain is making the leaf change inconsistent. Catch color while you can;
"A tree within a tree" ~ my keen eye :-)
2) Super excited about walking the breast cancer walk next Sunday. Go, "TEAM FOR LIFE!" Rain or shine, I will step proudly for my sister, Sharon, Lori Lynch, and other close friends. :-)

Supporting forever!
3)  Today, I had THEE most amazing interview. Having not worked since March of this year, I've been quite weary in trying to find my nitch. I truly don't want another law firm in my life, so what direction do I take? It's all I've known for the past 20 years.

Suddenly - BOOM! A friend asks who would be willing to work part time with the disabled adult at her church? Not much pay, but extremely rewarding. WHAT????
Will I allow myself to change & soar?
4)  Is this me? Is this FOR me? The 'different' path I've been asking for? Something where I'm feeling good about what I'm doing - helping others. SO me!!  I've been having serious talks w/God about what I should do. It's almost like someone talking to you; you can see their lips moving, but you can't hear them. Uggh! I am putting ALL trust in Him.

5) Yesterday, I went on an impromptu photo walk in the city about 15 mins. over in search of new things for my eyeballs. I believe I've raked our city dry! Lol. The other city is RICH with architecture which is what I was itching for. About five minutes into, it poured rain. I had to call it a day. BUT! I was inspired by the color 'red' in spite of the rain. There is much more to see there, including the house of old school, silent film actress, Lillian Gish. According to the link, it's quite a quaint & unassuming place, no?

5 Things Friday

Friday, October 11, 2013

NaBloPoMo 10/12/13

It had gotten to the point of obsession. Every road that lead away from my home heading to any part of town lead me past the park. When I first looked at the house, not only did I love it, but I was more excited about living near the park. I had grown up there and spent many of days running and playing until I nearly fainted with exhaustion. The free flowing creek that ran through the length of the park, and the lush green of the age-old trees made it a timeless place to be. Her wildest dreams would have never brought her back to this place, let alone living near the very spot where she spent time in the amazing green space.

Now every glance at the old guard house in her childhood play space was surrounded by high bramble bushes. The tall slender trees drooped under the weight of the wild red berries. As much as the City promised to make it a historical part of the park, the house sadly looked over the park. Having been vandalized and mistreated over the years, it's once grandeur creaked under the weight of neglect.

So when I sat down to morning coffee & the newspaper, it wash of fear spread over me when the headlines read "Murder In the Park!!!" A young woman had been killed and left dead in the old guard house.

What was once innocence and beauty became a mighty 'fear spot' for me long afterward. When the snow fell, the left over police 'CRIME SCENE' tape still managed to flap in the wind from beneath the snow. It is forever embedded in my memory.

The One Minute Writer: Friday Flash Fiction (FFF): "Murder In the Park"

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...