Monday, October 22, 2012


Tell me, what right do I have to ever have a pity party day when I am so blessed?
I go about my business and my life, thankful, but not really knowing
  • how it is to have chemo, radiation, biopsies, neropathy, nausea, hair loss
  • or to have to use a cane to walk, to be so, so thankful to wake up, to live another day
  • to celebrate another birthday, to not be in constant pain
While the people I know that do suffer from such things
  • shine their light their brightest
  • give testament to milestones with pure joy
  • walk marathons
  • travel more, love more, live more and relish their moments more
  • and live in their moments more
My attitude stays in a constant state of upgrade.

Picture: me; I pass this pond every day; when the water is warm, but the air is cool, a huge fog shrouds the pond.
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "upgrade"


  1. You seem to live a very high grade life with all that empathy going on!

    1. Lol! Thanks, Rinkly. I certainly try.

  2. Very cogent, and meaningful, post...

    1. Thank you, Berowne. It's from the heart. :-)

  3. What a brilliant application of the prompt, Tracey! That is truly the case, I really like thinking of it that way!

    And the photo is way cool. I love seeing mist or fog above a body of water. It puts me in a mystical place : )

    1. Thanks, zanzinece! The fog is one of my most favorite things. It gives everything a whole new mysterious look.



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