Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Down time

"Time is a very healing place, one in which you can grow."  ~Denise Tanner

With time off of work, one thing I never thought I would do is sleep. Then again, I stay up 'late' because I can right now. After the house has gone to bed, I have total quiet with no one asking me anything or asking anything of me. Bliss.

I have still been getting up to get Son up. There are a few things I would def. need to check; like what he's wearing, how much breakfast is he eating; reminding him of the time. Oh, and to tie his shoes (lol.)

It's been feeling good to crawl back into bed once Son leaves & I give the dogs their time outside, but then I get the noise of the rest of the world; garbage trucks, school buses, city repair workers, lawn mowers. Scream.

Still my precious time alone seems short.I need to realize that downtime doesn't equal house work. Do I know how to have downtime? Since tomorrow is the last of our warm days (I HOPE those 4 days of heat wasn't Indian Summer), I will get out & soak up this last bit of warmth. With camera in hand, of course. :-)

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