Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  • Fall bouquets make me feel inspired & creative.
  • The cool weather draws me out. It's so nice not to sweat like a cow
  • Son & I have been taking walks. He asks that I don't bring the camera
  • I would like to make a huge 'fall dinner' & have everyone over
  • My plants are thriving in the chilly weather. Whereas everyone else has stripped their yards clean, I chose to enjoy mine until the end. Plants will let you know when it's over
  • Jazzed that the Hibicus tree (& I mean 'tree') seems to be cool in the coolest part of the living room. It bloomed 2 huge blooms in 1 week.
  • I really need to include myself in the Fall underwear/socks/t-shirt brigade. I have gotten really lax on the 'personals' scene. There was a time when my bras/underwear HAD to match.
  • I planted a ton of random seeds everywhere while the ground is soft. Lord knows what will come back, but I'm ready
  • My heart aches when I can't help someone financially.
  •  Seattle's Best Pumpkin spice/gingerbread coffee is the latest addiction. However, it has no kick. I had to go back to high Octane for my morning jolt.
  • I have no idea where I will put the 2 palm trees inside from the porch
  • I will cross that bridge when I get to it
  • When I tell son that, he always says 'where is that bridge?'
  • Lol. We'll come to it soon enough :-)
Picture: me \o/


  1. I hear you with the not sweating "like a cow"! I'm a fall/winter person myself so welcome the cooler weather. Leaves here are just beginning to turn color. Wishing you and your son a Happy Fall.

    1. Hey Chris! Yes,I mean sweating like a cow! Lol. I'm a 'sweater' so this cool weather is SO welcome. And it seems like everyone is a bit nicer when they're not hot. Leaves here are turning FAST, plus it's been raining for 2 days so I hope to catch some good stuff. Happy Fall to you & yours, too, friend :-)

      Moooo ~ me (ha!)



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