Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Tuesday on a Wednesday"

"Every girl needs a lil' black dress..."
How about this hunk of burnin' love? Could you love her any more? I'm so crazy about her - I can't go into WalMart without buying her a thing or two... or three.... okay - or four! Lol. Little girl things are so pretty; with Son, it was just the basic boy stuff - but girls - there are so many sweet things. I've sent outfits (including the black dress), her 1st pair or slippers, sandals, headbands, a Pooh Bear. I eyed an Ohio State cheerleading outfit, but it's much too big for her.

For now... :-)

Everyone is making their journey out to L.A. to visit her.

Hopefully, Son & I can take that trip as well. In true "me" fashion, I'm already panicking about airlines fees, taking off work, when to go, etc., etc., etc. I don't know why I find it so hard to let go & live.


In the meanwhile, I'll continue to share our girl with ya.


  1. Oh, Tracey she is adorable! So sweet. And I know exactly how you feel about the need to always buy something for little girls.

  2. Thanks, A. Jarrett - she just gets sweeter & sweeter by the day. :-)



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