Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something good

Sunset 5/29/12

Sunset 5/29/12
"something good :-)"
Hey friends! Just a few shots of my something good everyday. The sunsets were taken from a friend's deck. Now I know where to go to catch sunsets as opposed to hanging out of my bedroom window. :-)

I was just listening to Joyce Meyers on the iPod. The lesson was 'choose happiness.' In the mornings when you wake, and if you think you're depressed - you'll have a depressing day.

But, if choose to have a great day & tell yourself that, you WILL have a great day. The mind is such a powerful thing & negativity is always waiting to pounce. If you let the negs. get a foot in the door, it's over. But if you kick the negative door in the butt & claim your great day - it will be.

Ms. Meyers also spoke about being victims of our past. Just because you were raised or treated a certain way that wasn't healthy does NOT mean you need to continue to carry that damn bag with you.

Trust yourself & love yourself, and you will find something good in every day! And that's not Joyce talking right there - that was all me! Lol.

Thanks for stopping in!

"Night Lily" taken @ 9:00p.m.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Tuesday on a Wednesday"

"Every girl needs a lil' black dress..."
How about this hunk of burnin' love? Could you love her any more? I'm so crazy about her - I can't go into WalMart without buying her a thing or two... or three.... okay - or four! Lol. Little girl things are so pretty; with Son, it was just the basic boy stuff - but girls - there are so many sweet things. I've sent outfits (including the black dress), her 1st pair or slippers, sandals, headbands, a Pooh Bear. I eyed an Ohio State cheerleading outfit, but it's much too big for her.

For now... :-)

Everyone is making their journey out to L.A. to visit her.

Hopefully, Son & I can take that trip as well. In true "me" fashion, I'm already panicking about airlines fees, taking off work, when to go, etc., etc., etc. I don't know why I find it so hard to let go & live.


In the meanwhile, I'll continue to share our girl with ya.

Caution: Random Crossings

WHAT A GORGEOUS DAY it is today. After the heat & rain of yesterday, the temps have gone back down into high 70's, not a cloud in the sky & I can barely wait to get out of the office!

Over the weekend of June 8-10th, Son will be going to Adult Weekend Camp. We got the list in the mail of items he'll need to bring which translates into nearly everything you would need in life! He's so excited, and I'm excited for him to experience staying away from home for a couple of days & nights.

My sister &; her fiance threw a wonderful summer kick off cook-out @ their home over Memorial holiday; what will be their ongoing tradition. My mom has (or used to have) the "Hot Dog Extravaganza" every summer, my other sister has the "Ohio State/Michigan Party" every Fall, and now the Summer Kick-off. I don't have a theme for anything, but I do invite folks to my porch & patio. Nothing to write home about, but it' cozy.

 I think it sounds funny to say that I'm soon to be 49 years old. I can remember when I was 17, I used to look @ myself in the mirror & ask myself, 'wonder what will I look like when I'm 25, then 30. I don't know what I thought I would 'morph' into, but I'm pretty happy with myself. I still feel like a teenager inside even if the ole body tries to tell me differently.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up... :-)

I wish I had a "Busha" (Polish for Grandmother), or a grandmother, preferably one with some spunk.  We have an 89-year old client who goes dancing twice a week w/her boyfriend. She's always dressed to the hilt & exudes so much life & spark! She would be such a positive influence on me.

The on the other hand, I wish my neighbors were the gay couple of Modern Family. No offense to anyone, but men whom are gay are the most honest, upbeat, positive, 'live your best life' type of people. My mom always told me they're the best friend you could ever have & I believe it. They're comfortable w/themselves & not afraid to show it. I saw a couple @ the nursery truly GUSHING over the beauty of a Calla Lily. It made me smile.
And I think we'd be great neighbors. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Set It Free

In my tribute to 'letting everything go - setting myself free, I share this beautiful song from back in the day by one of my all time faves, Kenny Loggins. This album (Celebrate Me Home) has been my favorite since I was about 12 years old. If you have a second, give it an ear.

The balloon caught way up in the tree tops was one that clearly got away on mother's day. It greeted me when I came back to the office on Monday. It's still there :-) It's free, yet not so free.

I can see the rain,
Come into my room again.
Broken window pane,
Now reminds me I'm alive.
Could it be right,
Givin' up, my darlin'?
I'll wait for you now,
To remind me why I've gone.

How I love to write,
Songs that have no answers.
Oh, there's nothin' on my mind,
That I want to let go of.

Letting it go on pretendin',
Everything has its way of endin'.
And I'm a loner,
The way I should be.

Set it free,
Let it free my love to fly,
Set it free.
Set it free,
Let it free my love to be,
Can I be free?

Still it's gotta rain,
Wonder when I'll see a change in weather.
Somethin's gettin' tangled up again,
And I can't find an end.

Can't let it go on returnin',
I've given everything that the harlequin boy can find.
And I'm tired of trying,
I'd rather leave than tell lies.

Set it free,
Let it free my love to fly,
Set it free.
Set it free,
Let it free my love to be,
You'll be free.

You'll be free my love to fly,
Free to be what I can't face.
In love again,
Set it free.

Set it free,
Set it free my love.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sweet Baby Tuesday - 14 weeks. Pure love! :-)

Early morning yellow roses

Blue sky on the horizon

Beauty in the woods

"I am the sun; you are the moon"

Morning light in the woods

 Hey folks! I'm still here, and feeling very, very overwhelmed right now. I feel all off-kilter with being pulled in so many directions that I feel a little crazy!

As you can see, Tuesday is THRIVING!! I never tire of seeing her sweet face. The plan is for Son & I to fly out some time in July to meet her for the very first time. I'm very excited, however right now I'm so burnt out, I can't even think about it.

Son's track is in full swing so it's taking up a lot of my precious "me time." So much, in fact, that I'm going to have to put the brakes on some of it. I have my Hibiscus tree & NUMEROUS plants & veggies that need to get where they need to be, but no time is there.

It's my turn to say "no" and find my center. I feel behind in:
  • tilling & weeding the garden
  • planting & watering
  • walking
  • reading
  • making cards
  • visiting, and
"D also kindly reminded me this morning that if I start taking on too much again, "the panic" will surely return, so here's to putting the hammer down! :-)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"It If I Plant It...

A shout - out to my garden blog, If I Plant It, It Will Grow. I changed it for Fall photos, but now its' time to be outside again. I want to share pictures of what I plant and talk about what I like about eating green. Please stop by every now & then to see how & what I'm doing. Cause I'm not real sure myself! LOL.

Random thanks

Been thankful:
  • That Spring is in full swing here with lots of things blooming;
  • That my mammogram came back negative (Yay!!)
  • For the sisterhood and sound of my friend, Se'Lah's, voice &; her beautiful accent
  • For my ability to give cheerfully
  • That I was able to treat myself to another camera
  • That I am able to buy sweet little things for baby Tuesday
  • That I am able to practice being still, even when my mind races ahead of itself
  • That I find the beauty is so much in my life
A "Love" Tree
A perfect moment

A single wish cloud

Keep a dying art alive!!!

M.I.A. :-)

Hey friends!! I'm still here!! Sorry I have been MIA of late. I cannot believe how time is flying. If it wasn't for my friend, Sharon @ Chaos giving me a little nudge, I'd probably still be outside. :-)

Thanks, Sharon.

It's already summer-like here in the Big O-H, so I've been spending every spare moment outside. Then by the time I come in, I'm too tired. 
Here are few shots from yesterday morning after big storms the night before. I love walking around like this - everything is so cleansed.

Otherwise, all is going okay. Son's track season started so that makes me walk the track two days a weeks for two hours straight. I always feel great after a sweaty walk.

I commend myself on "saving" this Rhodo from an abandoned house around the corner from me. It looks like it's adapting pretty good here. 

I treated myself to a second camera. It's a Canon, but I'm oh, so in love with my Sony. It feel so natural in my hands. I try to shoot w/both each day.  There is so much beauty everywhere!

My neighbor's beautiful Iris'.

I bought a "braided" Hibiscus tree. I've always wanted one. The blooms pop big and bright, then die. They only live for a day.

Blessings. :-)

Best News of the Day

Hey, folks. Sister #1 has decided to take Sister #2 up on the offer of renting mom's house!!!! My heart was so overjoyed @ this news...