Monday, March 12, 2012

Suspended Reality

On the side of the road; the sunrise through the cat o' nine's

Happy 'not really spring, yet'! We're 12 days into March with little to no present or past snow to speak of. Daffodils and Crocuses are all over the place. Yesterday, Son & I took the first annual walk of 'not spring.' Since I took over 90 pictures, I ask you to please take a quick sec & check only 50 'em here. Lol. When you get there, hit "Album Options/View Slideshow/" These shots are a few of them; I called the album "Signs of Spring' to catch everyone coming out of hibernation.
There were dog walkers, roller-bladers, bike riders, plenty of strollers, couples, grills, mini-picnics, motorcycles. etc. It's kinda hard to take pictures of folks without them looking right at you. I usually act like I'm focusing on something else :-)

I was surprised to see bees gathering pollen already. The willow is budding in the back & there's a stray grey cat hanging around, screaming to get inside for some reason. Don't know what it is about my house, but the dogs ain't feelin' the cat. At all. :-\
Otherwise, I'm back to driving again. The anxiety attacks are still underlying, but very mild. I feel more comfortable driving the smaller car for some reason. I had my first meeting with "Dr. Julie", the psych the doctor recommended. It was so/so; I did all the talking & basically told her everything I KNOW I need to do. She told me I had great insight. She's also a very faith-based counselor, so I felt good about that right off the bat. We're every other week for now.

Dr. J also told me I needed to treat myself more kindly, delegate & lose the guilt I'm drawn to. Today when I woke up & started the Monday routine, I realized how exhausted I truly am. I visualized total chaos at work & opted to give myself rest instead. I took a vacation day, laid down & woke up 3-1/2 hours later.

Having rested in total suspended reality.
"Son - my walking buddy"

Sunday Scribbling word prompt: suspended reality


  1. Hey Sis - I haven't been here in awhile; very glad I stopped by today. Keep up the wonderful and inspiring random thoughts here. I truly enjoy them.

    1. Thanks, sis! Good to see you here. And I thank you for being inspired by my words & pictures. Come back again, anytime! :-)



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