Saturday, February 4, 2012


First off, I want to introduce to you Miss Tuesday Imani Wilson! She's my youngest brother, Alfonzo, and his beautiful wife, Karen's new baby girl born on THURSDAY, Feb. 2nd. Tuesday is totally loved, welcomed, blessed and has a HOARD of family just itching to get their hands on her! Unfortunately for us, they live in L.A., so hands on isn't possible right this second. But I'm thankfully basking in the glow of her arrival and thank God for the joy she's bringing to her parents. They've been waiting so long for her. Snuggle in & enjoy her, guys. She's beautiful.

I want to give the highest of shout-outs to my sweet friend, Cassie. Even with all the trials she's going through health wise, she's still going on with her life. She had her first day of training to be a sitting Judge. She wore fire engine red heels which were a huge hit. I'm so thankful that she has the strength and drive to get on with every day life in spite of how she feels. She's such a shining example for all of us on how to keep on truckin'. She puts me to shame!

Prayers of comfort the the family of "Yoli", a dear friend of Cassie's that I, too, prayed for constantly, especially in her final days of transitioning. You are free now, Yoli - free from all pain and tears. Rest in God's arms, sweet angel. Yoli had written a book of her trials during her illness with all proceeds to go to her 10-month old grandson, Puda. It's a beautiful book; once I can find the link, I will share.

Still basking in the glow of love I felt when spending time with Mom this past Tuesday. While she was putting the tabs on the books of my bible for me, I was like a little girl. Mom was patiently doing that while I was all over the kitchen, bouncing around, asking questions, just like when I was a little girl. That feeling never goes away, thank God.

Prayers to God to watch out over me job-wise. I'm not getting a good vibe about the security & stability of my employer, so I've been slowly putting the resume out. Been getting good feedback, but nothing to make me leave where I am right now. While the walls of Jericho might be trembling & shaking, I hold tight to my faith & trust that God will put me right where I need to be,when He knows it's time. Amen.

I'm super glad that we're having such a mild winter so far. Temps have been hanging in the 40's, so even if snow comes, it melts quickly, thank God. It snowed today - these pictures are from yesterday. Go figure.

In the meanwhile, it's taking a toll on my sinuses.

Can I really spend $300+ for a zoom lens? Contemplating...

Palms clasped in thanks for the compliments I get on my pictures. I am so grateful that people appreciate what I see and I love sharing.

My goal for 2012 is to take my eyeballs and camera about the country and see new places and things. I am so deserving! :-)

But in the meanwhile, I'll continue to just 'be' where I am now.

And appreciate each moment :-)

Pictures by: me & Baby Tuesday's parents

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