Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Uncelebrated Day

Good Sunday, all. Peace & blessings.

Yesterday was Son's 24th birthday. Like all birthdays prior to this, there was no celebration. With his autism, any type of attention focused on him is all for naught. His shyness won't allow the "happy birthday" song to be sung.

He never asks for anything but the necessities. I've tried over the years to make his day special, but there is no participation from him. I offer to go the movies, out to dinner - all to no avail. So Friday night when it hit me that Saturday would be his birthday, I felt kinda empty. I didn't have anything prepared or planned because, well, he simply doesn't want that.

He is unable to read, so cards are fruitless. He got one card that his co-workers made for him. I, myself, am the one who insisted that he at least let it stand on his dresser for the day. This morning, it was in his trashcan. When I asked why, he said 'because it's over now."

So, now he's a year older, hopefully a litter wiser, while he walks into an adulthood that he is totally unaware of with me as his "link" to the world (the counselors say). It makes me a little sad that such a wonderful person goes uncelebrated, but I guess in perspective, it's really not a big deal.

If it isn't a big deal for him, than I can't make it a big deal for myself. Happy Birthday, Son.



  1. Hi,

    oh my, I felt so sad reading this :-( every life is a celebration . And I celebrate YOU, his Mom, his wonderful, understanding, blessed Mom.
    Love Gail

    Did you get the envelope I sent?

  2. Hey gail!! I did receive envelope - so sorry for not letting you know - it came when you said it would. I won't go into how BEAUTIFUL it is here (I'll send ya an email), but what a wonderful, wonderful thing it is. Your husband has such a beautiful voice. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I'll treasure it always.

    Yes, this is a sad post, but I should be used to it by now. I've had to tuck so many things back inside that I had planned for Son, but God is the best planner, so his Will is done. I celebrate Son inwardly instead of outwardly. :-)

  3. Tracey, just remember that you don't have to have a "celebration" to celebrate. It's all in your way of looking at things.

    Hugs to you and celebrating your special young man with you.




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