Friday, November 11, 2011

"Quiet Signs" Friday (with words)

Happy Friday, all! It's getting really chilly here in our corner of the world, but the weatherman promised next week, we'll have a couple of days of 60 degree weather. With the weather change, and now the time change, it really makes me want to stay inside and bake.

I made this creation out of the 'red leaf & berry' bush outside the door here @ the office. Creative, no? I call it "leaf love." :-)

The bug you see here followed me inside; don't know where he came from, but he landed on my desk. I had to take a pic of him resting before I shooed him away (... okay, truthfully, I smashed him. I tried 'shooing' but he was resisting so.... sorry, bug lovers!)

This is the how the skies look at about 6:00 a.m. since the time change. I love watching the sky how the sun battles for space, but the clouds usually win.

And lastly, the church photo is of St. George's Serbian Orthodox Church. I've entered the "398 - 11/11/11 thru 12/12/12" photo contest to submit a photo per day. Only photos can be submitted that were shot the same day. Dammit!!, cause I have a ton from the past couple of months that I would've loved to use, but rules are rules. After I submitted, the website sent me a big thank you - I was the "first person to get the contest rolling!!"

Yay, me! Happy Friday. Safe, warm, blessed weekends to all of you :-)

Pictures by: me :-}

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