Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eat Pray Love

"We should give meaning to life, not wait for life to give us meaning." ~ Anonymous

I finally sat down & watched Eat Pray Love last nite, and boy was I moved. I'm still reflecting on it this morning:
  • I admired the way she prayed for guidance about her being unhappy in her marriage and had the strength to end it, even though she & her husband were still in love. She felt she needed more in spite of it, and had the courage to let it go
  • I admired the way she stepped way out of her comfort zone by traveling to an unfamiliar place
  • I admired the way she shed layers and appreciated the customs of those she was around and made those her family
  • I admired her concern for others in the way she asked her friends to not shower her w/material birthday gifts, but make a donation to those who were in distress in the country where she learned to pray (which equaled $18,000.00)
  • I ADORED the tiny little wise man who taught her how to open her heart & how she kept returning to him
  • I admired her friendship with the American man @ the ashram who also opened, forgave himself & returned to America to face his demons
  • I loved her 'quiet place' in Bali where she was faced with raw, true, open matters of the heart
  • I loved the Brazilian man whom she finally trusted to love, even though they were both afraid to love & were trying to protect their hearts
I believe I just admired the whole pattern of the movie; letting go, opening up & living your true life. It made me wonder what's 'out there' for me if I would jump of the cliff of faith & allow God to truly give me the life he wants for me. I know it has to be what God would want because the message was 'freeing.' I don't think I realize what a box I've created for myself. As I absorbed the movie, I felt various parts of me screaming out to be free.

Screaming out for me to give meaning to my life.


  1. I enjoyed the book and admired one just up and changing their life. I think it is very courageous, tend to be able to do that easier when young I think. I still want to see the movie. have a great week, good luck with your life changes. hugs.

  2. Good morning, Cinner! I just started skimming the book after watching. I think I have leveled off now from watching the movie & reality has set in. It is very courageous & it helps if you don't have children & have the resources to do such a thing. I don't have any changes planned, so I'll still be here...writing :-) - yet inspired. Love, me.



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