Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday, all!!

Thankful for:
  • The dark cloud that consumed me yesterday finally lifted (sigh.. thank God)
  • Folks that help out when I need help, even though it's extremely hard for me to ask for help. I can dish it out, but I just can't ask for it for myself (need group therapy, Lol!)
  • Son's joy at the arrival of his new Special Olympic T-shirt
  • The joy & peace I feel when I'm on a photo walk. So much beauty to be appreciated
I know the list is short today, but my mind has been so weighted down lately that I've been forcing myself to count my blessings & take the focus off myself. I'm thankful all the same, yet distracted. Hopefully, I'll be able to express greater thanks next week :-\

Pictures by me :-]

(in this season, the hydrangeas are really sweet; perfect for drying; I chased this Monarch butterfly around like a crazy woman before he finally landed; and lastly - my neighbor's Zinnias are still going strong - even through the frost!)

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  1. Hi again - s glad you are feeling better today. I left you a long comment on your previous post, please check it out and get back to me when you have a moment, k?
    Love to you



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