Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Good Thankful Thursday, everyone! Thanks for dropping by :-) Things that give me thanks today:
  • The crock pot! Tis the season!
  • My car that gets me where I need to be. I know this is something we may take for granted, but believe me, I've had enough car problems in the past to be thankful
  • The walk in the woods @ lunch yesterday
  • The beautiful lake I came upon in the middle of the woods (pictured)
  • The gazillion sweaters I have for Fall/Winter. I have a sweater fetish
  • "D" serving me dinner & us eating together (this is rare)
  • Being a friend for a friend, who is losing a friend :-(
  • "Thursday Lunch" w/mom. This enhances Thankful Thursday :-)
  • Being blessed w/still having mom on earth with us, while I know so many missing their mamas :-(
  • Finding new blogs & connecting w/people online. It always reminds me that no matter our race, culture, religion, etc., we truly are all alike. And that's a good thing :-)
That's all I have for this Thursday. Come back again; you're always welcomed.

Pictures by me: :-)
(I like making little arrangements out of what I find on the ground. Just pick up some stuff & throw it together - you'll be surprised.)


  1. Beautiful and Thankful Thursday to you dear Tracey. The woods in this season are giving all their treasures and you captured them beautifully :-)

  2. Hey, Anyes! Thank you, as always. Each day, the leaves lean more & more toward putting on a full show. I am keeping an eye on Fall in your neck of the woods, too! You capture EVERYTHING beautifully. Have a great weekend :-)



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