Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today's Thursday random thanks are:
  • Instant Pancake mix
  • omlettes w/munster cheese & chopped green peppers
  • money to pay the mortgage
  • leisurely watering my flowers
  • the blessing of all my beautiful flowers in the yard
  • old bread to feed the baby sparrows
  • all my card-making supplies, knowing each card will bring someone joy
  • my neighbor giving me a brand new computer desk
  • my sweet Italian bella, Lisa, for passing on to me her daughter's computer
  • giving my old computer desk to the young, single dad across the street
  • the beautiful images i capture w/my camera(s)
  • living so close to one of the most beautiful parks in the City
  • getting this book from the library - again, diving in & drinking up the words, deeply, this time
  • also getting this much awaited for book from the library, even though it's thick as my head & I probably won't have time to read it in the allowed 2 weeks. It's in demand so no renewals, but I'm glad to have gotten it so quickly.

And that's all I have for today. Until next Thursday ... thanks for reading. Share your 'thanks' with me if you like :-)


  1. Wonderful as usual! Love the photos, love the two books listed (I'll have to add them to my growing list!), love the passing on of the computer and desks! And do I ever understand the gratitude over having the mortgage! Yes indeed! Being able to pay the bills, even if nothing is left after, is a blessing to behold! Momma taught me to be grateful "even if nothing is left after".


  2. These are always a joy to read :o)



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