Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st

SCREAM! Where did the summer go is what I say! I always get a tiny bit sad around this time cause it seems summer here in the Northeast part of the country is winding down. Even though we're expected to have temps in the 90's at some point, the fact is Fall will be approaching quickly. Even though things are still in bloom, some things are changing.

My plants that come back each year are part flower/part going to seed for the winter. Leaves on the trees are starting to curl which signal they're getting ready for their colorful Fall display. I love Fall, don't get me wrong, but I DO. NOT. LIKE. WINTER.

I'm making like the Dragonfly (living IN each moment - LOL!), but I know what's coming. I also feel kinda shitty cause this will mark yet another year - another summer - that I had no vacation. At the job, we don't have 'sick' or 'personal' days - we have vacation days. Period. So... use them as you like, but if you run out before your yearly replenishment of time, you're crap outta luck.

I am queen of crap outta luck. I use my days for doctor's appointments, days when I feel like I will hurt others (LOL!), etc. This means no 'real move about the country' time. If I was to be granted an instant 2-wk. vacation right now, I would head straight for the Georgia Coast Islands. Without a doubt, but with camera in hand. Oh yeah.....

Until then... :-}

Pictures by: me :0}
(photos taken downtown on solo summer photo walk. priceless)

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