Friday, September 2, 2011

"Quiet Signs" Friday

This is something new I just thought up about 5 minutes ago. I have such an abundance of pictures that I'd like to share, that I'm going to start making Fridays 'Quiet Signs' Friday. Not only will it be a way of being silent after so many words, but also as a way to share pictures I've taken.

I was all hyped up about my 2-day downtown photo walk, then 'the thing' hit me (again). That thing that says, 'Tracey, nobody is as jazzed about these pictures than you are', so then I end up not sharing them as I planned, but using sprinkles of them here and there. I think I share so many that folks that know me are a little fried out on 'my creative eye'. But here in blogland, you haven't been saturated (yet), so is born "Quiet Fridays." Enjoy and please feel free to give me a shout-out. Next Friday, I won't say a word :-)


  1. I love your photos Tracey and I don't think you show too many, so keep 'em coming! I'm finding your downtown shots very interesting! Especially the "Ladies" shots. Can you share any history on Benders Ladies' Restaurant? I may have to google these ladies things.


  2. Thanks, friend. I love to share :-) The Benders Resty also has a sign that says "Mens" as well, but I didn't get to download yet. It's a 'fine' resty that has been around forever. I understand the signs remain from back when the ladies sat on one side & men on the other. Could you imagine arriving w/your hubby & he goes to sit someplace else? Silly, huh?

    I'll try to give more insight on downtown w/the pictures. It has lots 'o history.



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