Monday, September 19, 2011


"Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do." Jean de la Bruyere

When I headed out yesterday with the camera, I wasn't expecting anything new since everything is in transition. The leaves haven't yet changed, but all blooms have died down. I wasn't able to 'see' anything.

Then I turned the corner & saw this beauty, sitting there in all it's glory for the taking.

This is the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad that travels through the park 2 mins. away from my house. I could hear that mournful wail of the steam whistle, yet I didn't know which train it was.

Seeing the huge puffs of steam, the conductors, (me in photo w/3 of them) & the sheer size of this train took my excitement level to the moon!

Suddenly, letting my inner-child out became easy.

And it was a good day. :-)

Pictures by: me :0}
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "easy"


  1. Hi there -
    and your inner child had such fun based on these amazing pictures. I refer to my inner child as "The Kid In Me', and her name is Annie. So "Hi" :-)
    Great day of fun, "yay" !!

    Love Gail/Annie <3

  2. LOL! Hey "Annie"!!! Our 'child selves' are still deep within us, but mine is just under the surface of my skin. She comes out a lot; especially when I sat in the middle of the kitchen floor this past weekend & played jacks! When was the last time that happened? It brought back so many memories. I'm gonna have to think up a name for my inner me. Maybe I'll call her "Gail." (hhhaa!) Thanks, Friend! :-)



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