Saturday, September 3, 2011

Details & Rambles

Old fashioned banister @ the Ladies Library

Clawfoot planter

Some of the detail on the Ladies Library


The Chase Building (which was Central Trust when I worked
there, then Bank One, now Chase.

It is incredibly HOT today! Yesterday & today were/is brutal w/temps in the 90's. Tomorrow a storm is due to roll in, then on Labor Day, a high of 68. Gotta love the big "OH."

I saw Nelson today @ the library. I haven't seen him in ages. It's been so long that I wasn't carrying the wishing stones a sweet friend custom made for me - for him. He asked right away if I still had the stone he gave me, and that it is very, very valuable. He said that if I should ever need money, I could sell it and be super wealthy. He had other small stones & small thin sticks spread out on white paper in front of him. He was all serious about the stone.

He then told me the cops harassed him the night before right near his home. They put handcuffs on him, asked him a bunch of silly questions (he said), then let him go. He went on with pride about he handles himself when folks & the cops bother him. He was most concerned with someone stealing his 'things' more than anything else.

I felt bad that he has to go thru that, and yes, there where a ton of things that didn't add up; i.e., I thought he was homeless, but he said 'near where I live,' & when I had asked him before why he didn't cash in a rock or two himself, he blew me off. But why go there. I like treating him like a human being like he is. He just seems to be happy that I give him the time. I like that :-)

And of course while he talked I had to slip him the few bucks I always try to do. He thanked me & said he appreciated it. I appreciate it, too.

These pics are from my photo walk. The thing about our downtown is that there are PLENTY of details to be taken in. Everyone looks at it for what it used to be, but I like seeing what's there now.

Enjoy :-)


  1. Ladies Library? I've never heard of a Ladies Library. Very interesting. Is it still a "Ladies" Libary or is it unisex now?


  2. I will send you the full history, Sharon - it's part of the historical stuff downtown. President William McKinley was from here & lived here, I think the library had something to do with his wife, Ida. I'll email it to you :-)



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