Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Angels Unaware

Good Tuesday morning, all.

In this picture from my train excursion, I may have forgotten to mention that while walking toward the train, I came upon the 3 conductors and an elderly lady (on far left.) She's the one who took the picture of me & the conductors (I think she was friends w/one of the women conductor).

I already have a mad, crazy love for the elders, but this lady made my day. As I approach to take pictures, we clicked instantly. She asked me if I believed in angels & I told her yes, of course.

She said that her late husband loved trains & she started not to come down, but he (as an angel) nudged her into coming down to join in the fun, and that she may meet an angel. I told her I believed right at that moment that she & I were BOTH meeting angels! At that, we wrapped our arms around each other & gave good, tight hugs. Mind you - I don't know her, but if you saw us embraced like family, you would've never guessed.

We walked arm-n-arm together to the steam engine while she pointed out different angles for me to shoot. I felt so comfortable with her, my heart was melting.

Bottom line is: this is the only picture I got of her - the back of her. I didn't think to get her beautiful face, nor ask her name. I got so caught up in shooting that when I looked, she was gone into the crowd. I looked for her, but no luck. I wished I would have at least gotten her name. I really wanted her name & address to send cheer cards to her, but I don't know how forward that may have been.

Well at least our souls joined together for a short time :-)

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby
some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2

Picture by me :-)
By the way - where was Son during this love-fest? Standing back watching like he always does when I embrace perfect strangers. Lol. He's used to it & hopefully it's instilling in him the love of 'angels.'


  1. HI TRACEY - thisi s such a heart warming share. "thank you". Such moments of pure love and faith are so life-giving.
    "YAY" :-)
    Love Gail

  2. Hey there Gail - good seeing you this morning/noon. I wanted to write about this asap because this lady has been on my mind since Sunday. Moments like these (I tend to embrace strangers constantly) make me feel like walking on air with joy! I am filled to the brim with life-giving love & faith! LOL! Peace & many blessings to you, too, dear Friend.

  3. i love this post Tracey, she really was an angel for the day and the photo of her walking with the conductors behind her looks like they are her guardian angels bringing up the rear i love it

  4. Thanks a lot, Chocolates - they were the nicest group of folks; they were angels who made the afternoon all the sweeter!



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