Friday, August 12, 2011

Forgetful Friday: Thankful Thursday :-)

After my sweet friend, Sharon @ Chaos invited me to give thanks every Thursday with her, I didn't remember until today - DUH! Having my home computer die on me put a crunch on my routine. Sorry Sharon - here are my thanks a day late, yet still thankful :-)
  1. big, loud, belly-laughs w/a friend over the phone
  2. how close I feel to this friend, even though we've never met in person
  3. perfect blue skies w/puffs of white, fluffy clouds
  4. my mother & our closeness
  5. my son enjoying his work & the simpleness of his life
  6. streams, lakes, creeks, brooks, & all things 'water'
  7. good, sweet, friends who always seem to have just what I need without my asking
  8. all that dwayne does around the house (i.e., laundry, cooking, yard work) so that everything is nice when i get home from work
  9. my flowers, plants & garden that thrive in the summer
  10. plants that come back each spring
  11. my dogs that are always so glad to see me
  12. the peace i feel when God & I follow a path thru the woods

Pictures by: me :o)


  1. Wonderful things to be thankful for, it was a pleasure to read them ... thank you ! :o)

  2. It's my pleasure, Deborah - please come back again, anytime! :-)

  3. Oh Tracey! Lovely list. It reminded me of many things I'm thankful for that I forget to list. I am especially thankful for those great laughs between friends! I tend to snort, when laughing like that.

    PS It's Thursday again. ;)

  4. LOL! Sharon, you're so funny! Here I am - posting on Friday, again! :-)



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