Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Story

Ahh... hand writing. By hand. With those strange, unfamiliar instruments called "pen and/or pencil." Using your hands - not a keyboard. Remember the art of that? :-)

I'm diving head on into this handwritten project. For my birthday, my sister, Paulette, gifted me with a fabulous purple journal along with a year long project.

The project is "My Life Story... One Day At Time!" Inside the jar are 365 strips of motivation. Pull a slip from the jar and expand on it in the journal.
By the end of next year, I should have quite a story to share or to keep all to myself.

Thank you, sister. I love your thoughtfulness. This is genius. It forces me to think, be creative, dig into my memory bank, and actually spend time writing about each subject. I am excited to get started - especially with the first slip I pulled you see. That made me laugh at my teenage self and whatever kinda crazy thoughts I was having back then.

Here's to my life story!!!

Pictures by: me :0) The sight of a blank, lined page brings me lots 'o joy!!!

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  1. You have a wonderful sister! This peak into your life warmed my heart this morning.



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