Sunday, May 1, 2011

Loving the Countryside

On Saturday, Son had a track meet in a small, beautiful town nearly an hour south of us called Carrollton. It still very 'vintage' with small shops, a town square. It truly looked like we had landed in 'Mayberry.' Of course, while I waited on the events to begin, I had to wander the surroundings w/my camera. It was a cool, sunny morning but I was transfixed by the rolling green hills dotted w/dandelions, the big old farm houses sitting atop hills, cows & horses grazing in pastures.

But mostly what got me was the quiet. I could feel any trace amounts of stress melt away.

I want to live there now. :-)

Pictures by: me :-) (Don't you adore the red porch swing?) I helped myself to a seat for a spell, until I remembered, I was supposed to be cheering on my Son's track events (ooops!! :-))


  1. I do love that red porch swing! I may have to paint mine red. ;)


  2. me too lovin' that red,black white edit of the swing. What a lovely town really truly how did your son go by the way?

  3. thank you, ladies!!! Sharon - go for it! I have a swing that's passed down from my mom - used to be in our back yard. First thing I did was paint it fire engine red! It stands out beautifully! :-)

    Hi "Box" (LOL!) - Carrollton is truly beautiful, even though I think it would be brutal in the winter with all the hills. My son did AWESOME! He's super athletic, so his events were a breeze. In fact, next year they want him to go for the Pentathalon, which is doing ALL 5 events (100 mtr. dash, 400 mtr. dash, shockput, long jump). I don't doubt his ability - he's my super man! :-)



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