Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swaping Spring

Aren't these beautiful??? I think so. I want to thank Debbie for all the beautiful goodies she sent in the Spring Photo Swap through The Sweet Light. Debbie is quite the talented photographer and sells her beauties at a market booth in her hometown. One funny thing is, Debbie also sent me a beautiful picture of a bumble bee on a cornflower - I took that exact same picture last summer. They're identical!!! What are the odds? Like minds were perfectly matched, even through total randomness.

Check out Debbie's beautiful things at her 'Natural Light Photography' Etsy shop. It's heaven! Thank you for everything Debbie & The Sweet Light! :-)


  1. awww thanks,,, I loved trading with you,,might have to do a summer one just with you :D

    thanks for the shout out

  2. thanks, debbie! let's do it - just you & me. I have so much I wanna share with you. I meant what I said - your Etsy is BEAUTIFUL! :-)



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