Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is the truth about me

  1. Sometimes I feel inadequate, even though I know I am enough
  2. I don't consider my job as a legal assistant to be a 'career', even though I've been doing this type of work for over 15 years
  3. I try to do everything at once (Adult ADHD???)
  4. I'm an impulse buyer
  5. I am still looking love that I can return, wholly, unconditionally & truthfully, even though I've been in present relationship for 21 years
  6. I never meet a stranger
  7. I am open & welcoming to everyone, but close myself off to having close friends
  8. I pray that God's plan for me include helping those less fortunate than I
  9. Even though my autistic son is now 23 years old, being wholly responsible for his advancing into adulthood terrifies me more than when he was a child
  10. Some days when I'm in a thoughtful mood, I can go nearly all day without saying a word

"Daydreaming on Paper" word thoughts: "This is the truth about me"

Pictures by: me :-) (I have an uncanny love for sea shells. They are art for the taking if you take your time & look)


  1. thanks for that hug, Sharon. Think I'll hold it close for a while :-)

  2. Life is like the game of "Twister" thinking of how you can have one foot & one hand outside the box, while trying to remain inside society's box...?


Best News of the Day

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