Tuesday, March 29, 2011


there was a kid who liked a boy
he was too old for her & a friend of her brother
after all, she was 13 and he was 18
the chasm of five years

yet she loved him cause he was kind, he was cute
he was a gentleman, he included her when
her brother said 'no!'
surely he heard her heart beat

but she sat on her porch many a time
and gazed longingly as he walked the neighborhood
with his favorite girl, hand in hand
she was pretty & a cheerleader
maybe he didn't hear her heart after all

then the boy nearly died at the hands of a prank
the kid prayed for him vigilantly, even prayed at church
but when he finally recovered, he was not the same boy
this boy was broken forever, hurt, and very angry
but suddenly, he heard her heart

his college dreams were gone, & in his eyes, so was his life
he took up with the wildest girl in town (not the cheerleader)
they played house together & even had a son
the kid watched in slow motion as her dream

years passed & moved lives on
the kid (now a woman) ran into a brother of the boy
and asked how he was doing these days
'he died 10 years ago' the brother said
the injuries from the crazy prank followed him
all his life

the woman sadly reflected on the boy that she loved
back when she was a kid & dreamed
he was nearly hers

Pictures by: me :-]

Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "nearly"
Memory of Robert ("Bobby") Ortiz


  1. Trac,
    This was a great piece about the old neighborhood, we shared some sad times but mostly good times with our friends...

  2. Kevin, is that you??? LOL! Welcome brother - I would've never thought you would come here. Yes, this is about my teen love for Bobby Ortiz. I ran into Kevin & he told me Bobby had died from a seizure caused from those kids riggin the high-dive years ago. I really, really, always liked Bobby, so it was quite heartbreaking.



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