Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Sunday randoms

I have more snow pictures, but I'm feeling soggy. Rains, then boat-loads of snow takes it toll. It sure is beautiful, but I sure am a little tired of seeing it :-\

Thoughts of thankfulness:
  • chocolate fudge cake for dessert & chicken noodle soup (from scratch) in the crock pot. both excellent
  • thanks to Pillsbury for putting 'Decadent Dark Chocolate Fudge" icing in a can w/a nozzle on the end. So much neater & easier to squirt into your mouth
  • "Daydreaming on Paper" for more food for thought
  • Construction paper as a back drop. DUH!
  • went to a church concert w/mom this afternoon. I'm glad I fought the urge not to go. It was nice & made her happy
  • "Nelson", the homeless guy @ the library, told me he collects stones & has one for me. He didn't feel like digging through his huge bag of belongings to look for it so I told him I'd get it next time I saw him. I'm looking forward to receiving
  • many prayers for Japan
  • spending a solid hour, un-interupted, shooting pictures in natural kitchen light. Well, nearly un-interrupted... why do people have goofy questions the minute they see you pick up your camera? (lol!)
  • Learning new camera things & shooting random things on a whim
  • Podcasts & audio books on iPod. Blissdom.
  • a new Gift of Jewels project! Yay! It's always such a chain of love.

Pictures by: me :-)

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