Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love Thursday: Lilly Love

"Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise!" ~Wallace Stevens

Today is the first day that it truly seems like Spring is on it's way. The rains have ceased, skies are blue, green grass shoots are peeking up thru the poor, beat up ground, and all of the mess of winter is on display loud & clear. I am dreading the major cleanup of my yard with all the tree limbs from several ice storms, but the end result always makes me feel good & thank God for letting me see another season.

I almost get a giddy-type of sensation in this season for all of the possibilities that Spring brings: my hosta garden returning each year - bigger & better; new plants to try out, hanging baskets to make, keeping bird bath & feeders filled, planting butterfly plants to attract butterflies, wondering how much more huge my Gabriel's Trumpet bush will grow (it took over the entire front & side of the house last year), an organized photography walk (my 1st one - can't wait!), & of course, the new veggie garden. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's my favorite type of work :-)

Random Fact: My dream job would be to if not own, then to work full time in a nursery. Spending every day all day amongst the plants/flowers, dead-heading & watering sounds like full time bliss :-)

The late, great, Norman Vincent Peale gives these four tips for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning. Doesn't a nice 'clean' soul to start out Spring sound great? :-)

PS: Continuous prayers for Japan. I have to say that in spite of their tragedy, the people seem to be the most calm, organized, orderly, group of folks in spite of their pain and losses. They say the disaster is really taking its toll on the elderly (who happen to be my favorite type of people). My heart aches for them.

Happy Love Thursday, all!

Pictures by: me :-) (the "white lily" & the "eye of the Tiger...". nearly 2 weeks since I bought this fresh cut bunch for my office & they're still thriving. Yay!!)

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