Saturday, January 15, 2011


Warm summer nights
He would brush his hair until just right
put on this tuxedo, making sure
that his bow tie & cumberbun
were secured and tight

She, on the otherhand, had much more to do
For when a lady gets ready,
it's nothing she can rush thru
She would fix her hair, in an upswept do
slide into her beautiful, handmade gown
with long, evening gloves, too

He would come down the stairs & we would
laugh, applaud while he basked in being seen
He would then turn, with his hand outstretched
to present his Queen

They would leave in a blur
A flash from her sparkling gem
Off into the warm summer night
..."and that is how I remember them..."

Carry On Tuesday word prompt: "... & that is how I remember them
. in tribute to my parents who were one of the most elegant couples I know :-)


  1. They sound like movie stars! A beautiful tribute!

  2. What a wonderful memory! They'd be so proud.

  3. Oh this brought a lump to my throat, so so lovely!

  4. thanks everybody! those were truly beautiful memories. my parents were in a lot of social clubs back in the day, so this was nearly an every weekend occurrence. in our eyes, they WERE movie stars; looking back @ the old pictures, they reminded me of the 'old hollywood' when style & glamour were of the utmost importance. Like i said, my father was always in tux, but my mother was the shinning star - you never knew what she would look like until she came down the steps and what a treat it would be. It was like our own personal 'red carpet' :-)

  5. Every child should be able to look up to their parents as heroes, glad you do yours

  6. I know exactly which pictures you are describing!! I used to love looking at all of Gran's "lady things" as a little girl. She is still such a beautiful piece of work, laughter and smile included! Kizz- :-)



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