Sunday, January 30, 2011

Death of the Cat

Dear Cat,

I am standing in the distance, watching the aftermath you have caused.
I am watching you in your deer-in-head light stance
and listening to your poor excuses as you stumble,
sputter and try to form your tiny little words

As your owner comes down on you with hurt & mistrust
I smile slyly as I watch you beg for forgiveness
and promises to do better, to try and replace and
undo what you've already done

You and your lives entered a place once thought safe
Helping yourselves to your owner's deepest thoughts, wishes, dreams & fantasies
Which is the reason why,
it was necessary for you to die.

Yours, sincerely - Curiosity

Pictures by: me :-)
Sunday Scribbling Word Prompt: "safe"


  1. Oh dear! A very well written poem, but I am a Cat Person, so what else can I say but: What a shame.

  2. LOL! Thank you Altonian. I love cats, too, however, it was necessary for this particular 'bad' kitty to get his just desserts! :-)



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