Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clean Slate

Happy Belated New Year Everybody! :-) Prosperity, dreams, wishes, hope, peace & love to all! I feel very excited for what's to come.

I got my book, Still With Me, today in the mail from the give away @ the White Readers Meet Black Authors. Beyond excited - can't wait to start it! The authoress autographed it to me & sent along a separate note! I had almost forgotten I won, so it was a nice ending to the day. She also gave me her email address & invited me to FaceBook her. So cool!

I'm listening to the book Let's Take The Long Way Home on CD. I love reading my books, but I don't give myself time like I should. On CD, I can get through the book while driving to & from work. It's such a relaxing alternative to the usual radio crap & my CD's I've listened to thousands of times. When writers turn their books to CD, they should make sure the reader has what it take to keep the listener interested. One popular book I tried was read by the author, but it was very mundane. No voice inflection.

Both books deal with illness, friendship, loss, love, mothers/daughters. Hitting so close to home right now. 'Long Way' is such a touching memoir. Both the authoress & her deceased friend (subject of the book) have other books out there that I plan to add to my 'to-read' list. Between the books & my friend, Cassie, moving along in her journey, I am humbled, thankful & slapped in the face by perspective 24/7.

Lastly, on New Year's Day, it soared to a high of 55-60 degrees! Welcome to Ohio. I dropped everything on the spot, & took a walk.

Cleary, the willows were confused. they're now covered in 3" of snow...

The park's ice rink was definitely 'red-lighted' (thin ice)

A soft spot in the woods...

I used to climb all over & play on this wall when I was a kid. I love how worn it is...
Align Right

Finally, I came upon the spot that kept me glued in tracks.

Reflections that reminded me of this excellent post about "adventure" from Own Your Own Beauty. Let's "go out and see what it is in life that might bring us joy."

Bring it on in 2011! :-)

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  1. I am love, love, loving the pictures of reflections in the water! Those are beautiful!

    Happy New Year!

  2. thank you, pastor Sharon! The "mirror" shots are always my favorite! They amaze me everytime. Glad you enjoy them as well; Happy New Year - let's have an awesome year! :-)

  3. Those photos are absolutely beautiful!!! You really take great pictures!!!

    God's Blessings to you in this new year!!!


  4. swooning over these reflection photos.
    one love.



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