Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random flow...

Dear Santa Baby, I want an IPod, Bali bras (preferably get a professional fitting), a hot stone massage for 2 hours, a facial, yankee candles, a road trip to someplace where I have no responsibilities (pref. for 2 weeks), a mini DVD. But if you can't swing any of this, health, happiness, peace, calm & love will do just fine.

after I whined about driving in winter, I got to work safely, then turned & saw this..

then this while I parked my car. Then I got silent & thankful.

My newfound love, stamps. (thank you Se'Lah :-) Now I cannot get enuff. EVERY piece of correspondence I snail mail will be & has been stamped. I think it shows the recipient that you cared enough to give their card special attention. Agreed?

I got the little basket of books stamp @ the library for $.50. It was must have.

Always turned my nose up @ taking time to specialize notes & cards, but now I live in the 'scrapbook' section. So much little touches to chose from. Swoon.

Finally, this is a rock in my sister's house. I thought it made a cute shot & gave inspiration to boot. :-)

pictures by: me :-}

1 comment:

  1. *love* stamps - my mom collects them, and I always love to use hers!

    Your captures are gorgeous!



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