Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Drifting in the mundane

In this 'dead air' time after the crazy build-up of Christmas and the upcoming New Year's, I fall into heavy day dreams. I think it has to do with cabin fever & it being 9 degrees at night. And now that the weather is calming down (we're expecting a high of FORTY this week - woo. hoo), there really isn't much outdoors to take picture-wise. So on that note, I'm gonna shower you with randoms from the head of Tracey :-):
  • while making cookies this past weekend, i found that I love the color of an egg & a cup of sugar mixed. Such a soft, calm yellow. would be good for my bedroom - esp. when the sun sets
  • getting huge run around about an empty lot behind my garage. the city just tore the house down around thanksgiving & I want to put my dibs on it now. been informed that i would need to file an 'interest purchase' agreement along w/$750. What the hell? Who cares about an empty lot that would draw nothing but trouble? I'm having dreams of this. I'm not even worried; it's all gonna be in my favor:

  • while being present in the now (& washing dishes), the light turned the dishes into art, don't you think? I mean, have you ever looked at your dishes instead of just washing them as fast as possible? You liked them when you picked them out & bought them. Look at them in the right light; they're still pretty :-)

  • this is my favorite "GoodWill" coffee cup. Yep - just $.25; have had it for years. Serves up great coffee & keeps me motivated at the same time (LOL!) The find that keeps on giving

  • I truly vow to finish a word collage i started years ago. And then start another one. old magazines, glue stick & scissors are all that's required.

That's all the day dreams I have for now. 'Scuse me while I let my mind wander down this path & see what happens! :-)

Pictures by: me :-) (except collage)


  1. Good luck on the vacant lot. I, too, love the color made by egg yolk and sugar. I hand wash my dishes also and you're right, they are "art" if we look at them with the right "eye". I love my dishes. Blue Willow. Love. Really love your winter tree photo and your word collage photo.

    Happy New Year dear friend!

    Much love,

  2. Love your dishes!!! (You know I'm a sucker for pretty plates and cups!) And I always use the dishwasher - lol!

    And love your word collage!

    Happy New Year, dear Tracey!

  3. happy new year!!! love that you're getting back to finishing your collage...winter is a great time for arts & crafts...any time, really but winter has a stillness to it ;) exhale.

    one love.



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