Friday, December 3, 2010

Clockless day

"Respite: relief, esp. from anything distressing or trying; time during which an activity is stopped ..."
... break, breathing spell, free time,

i was inspired to do just this today. i so needed to finally get away from work, even if for a day. this is a pretty cool book. book sale: $.50

I love the parody of the 'little destruction' book. Hilarious. Click to make bigger to read their titles.

Big Lots is thee place to go for unusual tea/spices/'international foods' for super cheap. I like to experiment with everything; teas, salad dressings, baking mixes. Still kicking myself for not getting the 'tortilla soup' mix today. But I did find this vanilla tea. Delish. Inspired me to bake a cake!

dropped in the ReStore and found this sweet inspiration. instant love; had to have.

I wandered into the Mall. 100% sensory overload w/all the Christmas, crowds, stores, etc. I hadn't been there in so long, i felt like i landed on another planet! Everybody was deep into hustle/bustle/shop, shop, shop. It felt like walking in slow motion while the world wizzed past (LOL!)

I found out Bath/Body Works no longer carries Aromatherapy Coriander-Bergamot anything. That was the main reason for the whole trip. Then to Victoria Secret to check on V.S. body lotion/perfume - too much going on in that store. Very crowded w/women & their 'mates' standing around smiling like goofy 12-year old boys...

Finally, I ended up in Claire's Boutique; treated myself to two matching kick ass, big silver rings. It was jammed packed there, too. The tiny (as in maybe 100 lbs.) young sales girl completely freaked me out. She had these humongous eyeballs!! Then once I got home, I remember I read about these things. Who wants gigantic pupils? She looked crazy on so many levels. I tried to control my expression, but I think a little "OMG" leaked out. (LOL!) She really did look like some of these high-tech, animated cartoon characters. Disturbing.

I'm glad I gave myself permission to 'seize & relish' today & turned off the clock for 6 hours of nothing but tracey time. I believe I'll declare a clockless day more often.

pictures by: me :-) the pix of the sunrise are out of my back yard @ 6:00 a.m.

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  1. the mall is an interesting place this time of the year. Your night pics especially captures my heart. thinking of you. one love.



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